Start Your Group Practice

Stop Giving Away Your Hard-Earned Referrals.

Dear Therapist Colleague,

Congratulations! Your private practice is full!

That was the dream. But now what?

You built your solo-private practice built on the “one hour for one fee for one unit of treatment” model. And the goal is to fill all your available hours.

But what do you do when you have no more available hours, and the phone keeps ringing?

You could add more hours to your schedule – which can lead to more burnout, compassion fatigue, or possibly resentment.

You could stop answering the phone, leading to fewer calls when you need them and a bad reputation in the community.

Or you could stretch your entrepreneurial muscles and consider cloning yourself. In other words, consider bringing in additional clinicians to work for you.

Why not use the marketing machine you have already built to give referrals to therapists who would work for you? In other words, create a group practice where you are the owner and CEO. You provide therapists you hire the space, admin support, and referrals. They provide therapy.

Group Practice is such a win-win-win model:

1. Your community wins because your group practice can now service more clients than you ever could by yourself.
2. The therapists who work for you win because they get to have a private-practice experience without the overhead and headaches of space, admin, and client-attraction.
3. You win because now you truly can make money while you are on vacation!

Learn the Basics of Starting a Group Practice with our On-Demand Class

casey truffo lmft

Step By Step: How to Add Clinicians to Your Practice and Add Between $1,000 and $30,000 to Your Current Monthly Income

For years, l studied multiple streams of therapy income. I started to write a book on the subject over a decade ago. But I kept coming back to the same conclusion:

The easiest, quickest, and most profitable way for therapists to move beyond the one-fee-for-one-hour-for-one unit of treatment is the Group Practice Model.

Casey Truffo, LMFT

We are Business Coaches for Psychotherapists –
Joe Bavonese and Casey Truffo.

We are passionate about helping you maximize your opportunities for success. Our goal is to help you increase your impact and income and do it lighter and easier than you thought possible. We have teamed up to share some new ideas to help therapists generate passive income.

As mentioned, most of us accept (often unconsciously) to assume we will get one unit of income for one unit of time worked. (Casey calls this being paid for BIC – or butt in chair.)

The only way to make more money with this model is to see more clients and increase your hourly rate. But as many of us have learned, you can hit the ceiling where you can’t do any more sessions in a week. So what else can you do if you still need to make more money?

The answer is to generate multiple units of income for each unit of time you work. And suppose your phone is ringing with new referrals. In that case, one way to open a floodgate of additional income is to refer your overflow to associate clinicians you bring into your practice. Joe has been doing this since 1999 with his therapy practice, and it has gotten bigger and better every year. Casey saw this model’s potential and came out of retirement to open a counseling center in 2013.

We know how powerful and unique this ‘Add Clinicians to Your Practice’ (aka Group Practice) model is. And the sooner you start moving to this model, the quicker you will be able to enjoy the additional freedom that comes with passive (leveraged) income.

However, we see a problem.

Most successful private practice owners who know about the benefits of adding clinicians never do. Most feel anxious and fear the legal and ethical issues, how to manage the associates, and how to manage the money. Some fear the administrative work will take up too much time. After all, we know anyone with a full practice is pretty busy. Others have fears of spending money and not seeing a return. Even if you are motivated and excited about this model’s potential, it is easy to let the fear win if you aren’t prepared.

We have created a SIMPLE, STEP BY STEP process to help you deal with all of these concerns, so you know exactly what to do to add clinicians to your practice so that you can feel confident, prepared, and in-charge.

If you are ready to move past the BIC hours… If you are prepared to stop losing money each time, you refer a new client to someone across town.

And are ready to start enjoying:

  • More Paid Time Off
  • Making Money While On Vacation!
  • Having Additional Income Every Month
  • Fewer Clients in Your Own Caseload if You Need a Break

Then please join us for this exciting, highly-regarded program, taught personally by us – Joe Bavonese and Casey Truffo:

How To Generate Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars of Additional Revenue: Add Clinicians to Your Practice with a Group Practice

A six-lesson on-demand course delivered over the internet.
Do at your own pace!

Joe now spends 15 minutes a week monitoring his practice systems – and generates a whopping $50,000 a month additional income in his practice with this model. (That is his income AFTER he pays his associate clinicians!)

Casey has grown her group practice from 5 clinicians and two locations to 15 clinicians and six locations during the first eight months of the 2020 pandemic.

The implementation steps we teach in this program are the exact ones we use in our businesses to give us more income and more paid time off.

Here are the steps we will personally take you through in this part-teaching, part-group-coaching process:

Module #1
Setting You Up for Success

In this module, we will start at the beginning. We will make sure you have a solid framework from which to make your future business decisions. Our job is to help you feel more confident right from the beginning.

We cover:

  • The inner game of success – how to manage any fears that might stop you from having the success you deserve.
  • Practice Expansion Basics: Managing, Mentoring, Supervising, Funding.
  • What is realistic? How many referrals could you offer a new associate?
  • Initial decisions to make including legal, space, business model, branding, banking.
  • Risk factors to watch out for.

Module #2:
Hiring Your First Associate

Next, we will create the process for you to find and interview candidates for your new position.

We discuss:

  • Where, when, and how to find your first associate.
  • A fresh, time-efficient interview process to help you make the right offer.
  • The advantages of hiring experienced clinicians – you might be surprised at this!
  • How to determine how much to pay your associates, so they feel valued and stay with you long-term.
  • How to handle the concern about ‘fee-splitting.’

Module #3:
Measuring Your Efforts, Results, and Success

Once you have an associate or two or three in place, it is crucial to keep an eye on ‘the numbers’ to stay profitable. If you know what to look for, it is pretty simple to see when you are doing well and when there are problems. We were hoping you could start on the right foot, so this section is about Metrics.

We share with you how to:

* Project and keep track of your income.
* Measure your actual results against your goals and course-correct if needed.
* Stay profitable by ensuring that your clinicians are doing great work.
* Quantify and measure the ‘intangibles’ that are important to you and that can make or break your business.

Module #4:
Creating the Systems that are the ‘Secret Sauce’ to that Passive Income

We believe that it is almost impossible to efficiently run a profitable, efficient, multi-therapist practice without organized, easy to follow systems. In this module, we identify and teach you the systems that we have found to be the most important. We will also introduce a process for you to document and communicate your systems to your team.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • The Client Journey: How to take the client from intake call through termination – including assigning clients to clinicians, scheduling, and how clients pay for services.
  • The Associate Clinician Journey: Record-keeping, handling client payments, assigning rooms, paying the associates.
  • Administrative Tasks: Customer service, payroll, training, office supplies, billing.
  • “Being the Boss”: Managing the revenue, the environment, the culture, and the happiness of your team and their clients.
  • We will also share with you a template of two of our systems: Client Assessment and Client Assignment.

Module #5:
Marketing Online and in Your Community

We know your phone is ringing, so clearly, you are doing a lot of things right. Let’s take what you are already doing and easily amplify your results. In this module, we share what we know has helped tens of thousands of therapists worldwide attract more clients.

We will address:

  • The most effective online marketing techniques.
  • What makes a website ‘client attractive.’
  • How to do speaking engagements in a way that turns audience members into clients.
  • How to develop long-lasting, productive referral relationships.
  • How much to invest in your marketing.

Module #6:
Catapulting Your Success: Managing Your Time and Planning Your Future Growth

If your phone is ringing and you implement what we teach in this course, you may find that you grow quickly. But then what? How do you continue to grow in a way that serves you and that you don’t burn out?

We have you covered:

  • The Inner Game of Success revisited: We will explore what limiting beliefs or fears might keep you from moving to the next level of growth.
  • When to Expand Further? We will discuss how to know when to add more – more clinicians – more locations.
  • What additional support staff you will likely need as you grow.
  • Managing your time and energy so that you continue to enjoy this business model.
  • How to stay true to your values – which is rarely talked about. We have found this to be the most critical ingredient in maintaining a happy, successful therapy business that is sustainable.

We have chosen the best way to deliver this program – proven to help you move confidently ahead in your plans.

We have been delivering programs for a long time. And we have decided to take all of what we have learned before – what we know works to help you move forward – and get the best possible results interactively and engagingly. You are going to love this!

  • Six content-rich on-demand recorded classes (60 minutes each.) We take you step by step through each module of the program and answer questions.
  • Six implementation worksheets. These worksheets contain exercises, checklists, and step-by-step plans to reduce any lingering fears about ‘what to do next.’ You can download, print, and start each worksheet after each audio module. Instead of worrying about what to do next, you’ll have it right in front of you.
  • Downloadable Transcripts so that you have this information as needed at your fingertips. Print this information and store it in a binder on a bookshelf. As you see it, you will be reminded that you CAN do this – and you have the implementation steps to do so.
  • Sample agreements, systems, and checklists, so you are not starting from scratch!

From professor and solo practitioner to professor and thriving group practice owner.

Keith Cross, Ph.D., LMFT
Prescott, AZ

PLUS, Get these Extra Goodies

Casey BONUS #1:
Free Discovery Consultation with Casey Truffo

Let us help you solidify your expanded practice’s vision and identify any limiting beliefs or blocks that would keep you ‘thinking small.’ All registrants will get a personal, 30-minute discovery session (via telephone) with Casey Truffo.

Joe BONUS #2:
Free Google AdWords Review with Joe Bavonese

Many Group Practice owners find they need to kick up their marketing to give their associates all the referrals they want. One great way to do this is with a Google Ads campaign. Joe has been helping therapists with Google Ads since 2011 and has used Google Ads in his Group Practice to generate over 90 Internet-based referrals every month for the past eight years. Joe will review your existing campaign and offer helpful recommendations (to get more clients and spend less money!). If you’ve never used AdWords but are curious to learn more about it, Joe has a presentation that you can view, which gives you an excellent overview of exactly how it works.

How Much is the Tuition for this Add Clinicians Program with Joe and Casey?

Whenever you choose to invest in a training program, it is essential to look at your investment’s potential return. So before we share the amount with you, let’s look again at what is possible.

Let’s take an example. You will make, on average, at least $40/session. If one of your associate clinicians sees just ten people a week, that’s $400 a week or $1600 every month in your pocket. Suppose a therapist in your practice sees 20 clients a week, that $3200 a month in your pocket. And if just two therapists see 20 clients a week, you are making over $6000 per month in additional gross revenue.

As you can see, this is a VERY lucrative business model! And besides the income, you are having an impact on many more people in your community. How cool is that?

We also want you to think about how much it would cost to acquire all this information by yourself. It has taken us years (filled with costly mistakes) and thousands of dollars of training to learn what we have accumulated, organized, and present to you.

A six-lesson on-demand course delivered over the internet.
Do at your own pace!

You can get ALL of this (including the sample agreements and templates of systems) for $997 or 3 monthly payments of $347.

Option 1
One payment of $997

Option 2
3 monthly payments of $347

What if I register and find the program is not right for me? What is the guarantee or refund policy?

There is no money-back guarantee or refunds offered for this program. We have outlined the topics and content and feel confident that this program will meet your expectations. If you have questions or are wondering if this is the right program for you, then send us an email at Support[at]InTLI[dot]com – and please replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with, well, a dot) – and we can look at your options. Sorry, we are unable to offer CEUs for this program.

If not now, when? How long are you going to refer clients to your peers and watch that money slip through your hands? This program is the most comprehensive, fastest path to generating passive income by adding clinicians to your practice. Don’t let fear and procrastination stop you. Reserve your spot in this one-of-a-kind training for busy private practitioners today.

To your success,

Joe and Casey

PS – if you’re successful, ambitious, and hard-working and want to help more people AND make more money, this is a fantastic opportunity to accomplish all of that and hang out with some genuinely talented people.