Group Practice.
Let’s Make Yours Easier, More Fun, and More Profitable

Butt in chair hours lead to burnout and a cap on your income.
Group practice is the way through.

But how do we make it easier? Master these five tasks!

  • Understand the six roles of the group practice CEO.
  • Hire people for your culture.
  • Build systems to improve ease and consistency.
  • Know your numbers (practice metrics and P&L).
  • Get support for your blind spots/limiting beliefs.

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How Can We Help You?

Grow Your Group Practice

Grow Your Group Practice

You want more ideas on systems, profit, hiring, and other ways you could make things easier. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let’s talk.

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

Have nagging questions? Wondering where the profit is? Or want to zero in on unique issues related to your practice and you as a business owner?

Casey Truffo

You Don’t Have to Go Through This Alone.

Get support from the person who literally wrote the book on how to move from Clinician to Confident CEO.

There comes a point when solo practice just isn’t enough…Enough challenge or enough profit. Group Practice is the answer.

But as therapists we know, every time we solve one problem, another pops up.

Group Practice brings issues like these:

  • Extra work
  • Less profit
  • Additional people to manage
  • Further loneliness for the owner

There is a way through. Shall we get started?


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