Ready to take your therapist business to the next level?Are you ready to take your therapy business to the next level? Are you ready to seek out the wisdom and guidance of a seasoned coach and potentially shave years off your learning curve and reach your desired income faster – with less struggle and wasted time?

If so, please read further to explore whether a private or small group coaching relationship with me, Casey Truffo, and the Be A Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team is the next logical step to building the business you desire.

When I hired Casey, my biggest objective was to get more clients.

Working with Casey, I have seen amazing results. This past December, I earned the most I've ever earned in a December - including one where I had an additional part time job!

—Zora L. Kolkey, M.A., M.S.S.W.

Is working with the Be A Wealthy Therapist Team right for you?

We might be a good match if you …

  • Are tired of second guessing yourself in ways that slow your progress and would like someone to help you through those limiting beliefs that keep you from having all the success you want and deserve.
  • Are ready to let go of the idea of having a “hobby” and ready to become a stronger and more successful business owner – with a mentor by your side.
  • Want to get clearer on your purpose and your fundamental message — what it is that you most want potential clients to understand.
  • Want to make sure your marketing is fully aligned with who you are – your message – your gifts – your values.
  • Are ready to develop and take action with a marketing plan that is in alignment with your values – and uses your gifts – and works — but are not sure quite sure what to do first (or next).
  • Know there is a bigger vision inside you and want a mentor to help you develop and implement that vision.
  • Want to better leverage your time and energy by adding additional revenue streams (products, membership sites, conferences) to your private practice and are curious about which options make the most sense for you.
  • Might be interested in adding coaching to your menu of services.
  • Would like a sounding board – someone who has been there and can help you tease out what business models or marketing activities makes sense for you and your vision.
  • Recognize that having a mentor as an accountability partner could help you move through those old procrastination tendencies and help you break though to the success you long for.
  • If you find that any of the above items speak to you, then we might be a great match. Your success is my mission.

Which program might serve you best?

We know that people learn and work differently so we offer a variety of coaching programs to serve and support you.

Sapphire Coaching Program with Casey Truffo
1. The Entrepreneurial Therapist group coaching program (also called the Sapphire mentorship program) is a program that keeps you current with marketing techniques and offers an online accountability program to keep you focused and on-track. Monthly you have the opportunity to learn from me, Casey Truffo, about trends in marketing as well the opportunity to apply to be a ‘case study’ on one of our group calls – where you can get feedback on your marketing plan and help to work through the stuck spots. The Entrepreneurial Therapist group program (again, also known as the Sapphire mentorship consists of ten four-week sessions. More about the Entrepreneurial Therapist (Sapphire) program »
Coaching Program with Casey Truffo and the Team
2. The Private Practice Accelerator mentorship program. The Private Practice Accelerator mentorship program is an accelerated group (and optional individual) mentoring program for those new to private practice marketing- and looking for their first 5 to 10 clients.  We meet twice a month via phone for feedback, coaching, and Q&A. The Private Practice Accelerator program is a six month program and also includes all the benefits (the group presentations and the accountability program) in the Sapphire (The Entrepreneurial Therapist) program.)More about the Private Practice Accelerator program »
Ruby Coaching Program with Casey Truffo
3. The Ruby mentorship program. The Ruby program is for the private practitioner who has had some success attracting clients but is interested in bring his or her practice to the next level – to either a full practice or in adding additional revenue streams to leverage his or her time and energy and reach (be of service) to more people. The Ruby program is a 12 month program. Monthly Ruby calls discuss advanced marketing topics and include group coaching. Ruby participants also have four 45 minute individual coaching calls with me, Casey, to further refine your vision, implementation plan or to go deep and move through any stuck places in your thinking or actions.
Diamond Coaching Program with Casey Truffo
4. The Diamond mentorship program. The Diamond program is for the successful business owner with a big vision. This program is for someone looking to expand to a multiple streams of therapy business – extending their reach beyond the local community. Diamond mentorships are 10 months in length and I have only 5 in my practice at any one time. In the Diamond program, we are truly partners in that I am 100% invested in the success of your business. The Diamond program includes all the benefits of the other programs. The Diamond program is currently full but if you’d like to you can read more about the program »

5. V.I.P Half-Day Individual Virtual Retreat (3 hours)

Sometimes you don’t want an extended coaching program. You just want a mentor to bounce things off of or coach you through a difficult place. Perhaps you’d like to solidify your marketing plan, get better focused…or maybe get past a stuck spot. Then a three hour V.I.P Individual Virtual Retreat may be right for you. Here is how it works:

  • We plan to spend three hours together via Skype or telephone. We can set the agenda and our goals ahead of time or see what comes up as we start working together. We can pick a particular area to focus on for each hour or have one agenda for the whole time together.
  • Each hour, we will work together for 45 minutes – then take a 15 minute break where you can choose to have a break or work on an assignment that we review in the next hour. Just imagine what is possible at the end of the three hours!
  • (Note: Some people ask if they can break up the V.I.P Individual Virtual Retreat and do shorter sessions on different days. I find that the concentrated time together (on one day) increases both productivity and creativity – so the VIP Virtual Retreat must be completed on one day.)
  • (Another note: Some people ask if I will review website copy during the VIP Virtual Retreat. I am not a copywriter and it is not my strength. I don’t recommend you use our time together for that.

How do you get started?

I’d love to have you join us!!Coaching with Casey Truffo
The first step is to read through our programs and decide which one might serve you best. Please know that due to the sheer volume of requests that we have for our programs, all our coaching programs (including our V.I.P Individual Virtual Retreats) are filled by application only.

Then the next step is to fill out the application below for a personal strategy session over the telephone with Casey. We will review your application and get back to you within 5 business days.

We look forward to serving you!

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