Kristin Patten

Practical strategies and emotional support helped me grow from my first client to a thriving group practice

Kristin Patten, LPCC


When Kristin was pregnant with her fourth child, she knew she couldn’t keep working at her hospital job. “I did want to be successful in my career, but what I really wanted was life balance. I knew that I did not want to miss my children’s lives.”


Need Life Balance

Main challenges before working with Be A Wealthy Therapist:

  • Unsure how to build a thriving practice
  • Needed to increase referrals

Kristin realized she needed to learn business skills. After all, she was a business owner whose business is psychotherapy. Her brother understood the challenges as he had a practice in a different field but wasn’t sure he was the right person to give her advice on her therapy business. Kristen began scouring the internet for all the business advice for therapists that she could find. She found our site and loved the name and vision.

“Back then, no one was encouraging therapists to be wealthy, and your definition of wealthy included the life balance I needed. I watched every video you did and shared them with my entrepreneurial brother. He said, ‘Just do everything she says.’ So I did!”

Kristin Patten, LPCC
Gurnee, IL


We worked with Kristen to:

  • Increase her referral base
  • Improve her compensation plan
  • Build on her success to scale her group practice

The first obstacle was to increase Kristin’s referrals. As she did this, her caseload grew, and the next step was to bring on additional clinicians. Kristin, a new group practice owners do, made errors in deciding on a compensation model. “We ended with almost $50,000 in debt because I paid my additional clinician too much.”

The next step was to build her CEO dashboard metrics and learn to structure her business toward sustainability.

Next, she took advantage of our ‘predictor spreadsheet,’ which helped her identify her next business goals. Kristin was able to identify the number of therapists, clients, and space needed to attain her revenue goals. Then she took daily action to build her business – hiring therapists and increasing her referrals.


A great income along side the life balance she craved.

Results for working with Be A Wealthy Therapist:

  • Revenue up 109% from last year
  • Compensation plan is fair and profitable
  • Practice keeps growing sustainably

“What I like about working with you is the blend between practical strategies and emotional support. My brother was right – you’ve got this figured out.”

Today, Kristin pays herself the highest wage she has ever earned, even while on vacation. This year’s revenue is projected to be up 109% from last year – doubling last year’s success! “But I am the proudest of the fact that I have created a sustainable business that provides for my family and that I’m only working about 20 hours a week, allowing for margin in life and time with my family.”