Deborah Bloom


Before we started working together, I felt like I was working my rear-end off. I was barely getting paid and knew this was not working for me.

Deborah Bloom, PsyD, LMFT


Deborah runs a successful group practice in Washington state and is a proud mom of two toddlers. Most group practice owners would envy Deborah’s success. When we met, her practice was entering a rapid growth stage – including increasing referrals and numbers of clinicians significantly in a short period. She and her admin team were exhausted at the end of each day. Especially knowing that tomorrow would be exactly the same – no time to take a breath.


So much was happening in her center that Deborah and her admin team had difficulty setting priorities. Should we verify benefits or bill for sessions first? And since the phone was ringing off the hook, Deborah hired more clinicians to meet the demand. But those clinicians had to be onboarded, credentialed, and trained on the software and procedures. So many tasks to do seemingly at once.

Main challenges before working with Be A Wealthy Therapist:

  • Day to day operations felt chaotic
  • Priorities unclear – everything felt like top priority
  • Systems in place but not well documented 

“I didn’t know what to first – or next. I was tired and nervous about all the things that were – and were not – happening.”

Deborah Bloom, PsyD, LMFT
Federal Way, WA


We worked with Deborah to:

  • Develop a system to determine task priorities
  • Implement workable systems
  • Help her feel less overwhelmed

The first thing that we helped Deborah with was to pause her growth. This sounds counterintuitive and necessitated a mindset shift. But as Deborah said months later, “If you have a leaky boat, you can put as many people on board as the boat will hold, but it is not going to float.”

Once Deborah and her team accepted that a pause in growth would help them get to the next step, we identified which systems needed to be documented and/or improved.


Results for working with Be A Wealthy Therapist:

  •  Increased order in day to day operations
  • Sustainable systems for continued growth
  • More time for her toddlers

After this pause in growth, Deborah and her team had the time and bandwidth to develop and enhance her operational infrastructure. This led to admin staffing efficiencies and improved customer service as team roles were identified and systems clarified. Once the majority of that was done, they were ready to handle significant growth with much more ease.

Deborah says, “Occasionally, I have a week that still feels a little bit like a runaway horse but less so. The more the processes are perfected, then I do not have to deal with each instance, and I get my time back- which is very important to this mother of two!”