Your Clients Are Looking for You Online

I read a staggering statistic the other day. The largest search engine, Google, handles more than 5,922,000,000 searches per day. (That number was current at the end of 2013. It might even be higher now.)

In fact, resources suggest that people are going online first, before they use any other resource (like the Yellow Pages, for instance.)

It’s not hard to imagine that at least some of those searches are for therapists and therapy.

In fact, I know this is true, based on the data from my counseling center, OCRelationshipCenter. When I check our metrics on a weekly basis, I can see how many visitors we’re getting, I know how many of those visitors called to make an appointment, and within a week, I know how many of those first time appointments became clients.

It can be easy to feel skeptical about whether someone would search for a therapist online; but consider this. If you had a skin condition, and didn’t have a direct referral to a dermatologist, wouldn’t you, most likely, go online and search “dermatologist” in your city? You probably would. You’d then, likely, find a couple potential doctors, and you’d research a little more before deciding who to call. You’d be influenced by things like reviews, comments, and feedback about the doctor, and you’d likely be influenced by how you felt when you visited the doctor’s website.

All of those elements would combine together to move you to select one doctor over another.

The same thing happens with your therapy clients. Everyday, hundreds of people are going online seeking mental health and mental wellness services.

Yet they can’t call you if they can’t find you.

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