Why Do It Alone?

Be a Wealthy Therapist

Do you find that building your private practice sometimes feels lonely and isolating?
I was noticing this myself as I was doing some work this past week for the OC Relationship Center, my clinical practice.

Where I have a ton of support in BeAWealthyTherapist- Amber, Rachna, and the Elite coaching team, I work more on my own at OC Relationship Center.

This week, I need to interview a new therapist, streamline our call/intake system, and possibly look for new office space. I’ve gotten used to the level of support I have in BeAWealthyTherapist, and then I find it missing when it comes to having to do work for the Center.

I thought that some of you might be able to relate. Are there times where you wish you had someone to talk with about the ups and downs of practice-building? Some connections with like-minded therapists who want to build their practices and be successful? A team of people supporting you and helping you move forward with confidence?

If reading any of that made you exhale or sigh… I’m speaking directly to you. Why are you doing it alone?

Is it because of fear? Is it because of negative thinking? Is it because you worry about being judged or criticized for the things you feel you should know, but really don’t?

All these things can hold you back- and make business-building more difficult.

You don’t need to do this alone.

So why are you?

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