Why Building Your Practice Can Feel Confusing

Why Building Your Practice Can Feel Confusing

This week, I’ve become aware of how much practice building information is really out there. Not just what I share and teach, but, also, there are a lot of people wanting to get your attention and to help you build your practice.

And yet, there are, still, many of you who feel confused about how to build your practice, right?

Do you know why?

I have some ideas.

I believe it’s because you’re trying to follow too many people at once. You’re trying to take in too much information without a framework to actually apply it.

If you remember the work of cognitive psychologist, Jean Piaget, he identified that we learn about the world through the dual processes of assimilation and accommodation.

Assimilation is the process of taking in new information, and accommodation is the process of changing our beliefs or behaviors in response to new information.

His approach suggests we each need a scaffold upon which we can build knowledge, and as we are building knowledge, we must have a way to stretch ourselves to “live into” that new knowledge.

Practice building feels confusing when you are trying to take in too much knowledge without have a framework within which to place it.

It can also feel confusing when you focus on tactics and short- term approaches rather than thinking like a CEO and have a strategy for practice growth.

And the confusion is compounded when you try to understand how many practice building coaches can all be saying different things.

I understand.

And my suggestion? Try to tone down the volume on how many people you are listening to about practice building. There is no magic wand or simple formula (though I feel like our coaching programs offer the closest thing I’ve ever seen to an effective step-by-step practice building blueprint).

Try to look at your options from a strategic mindset, taking into account your own strengths and weaknesses, and your own preferences too. Understand what outcome you want- specifically- before you begin.

Grow your discipline in terms of putting ideas into practice before you get more new ideas.

And if you’re confused about the basics of practice (the fee-policies, systems, and mindset) you need to build in order to create a strong foundation, you’ll want to stay tuned, because I have something that will help you clear that confusion once and for all.

In summary, the best practice building is that which you actually understand- and will actually do.

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