Why Attend More Income for You (MIFY) 2015?

More Income for YOU

Why attend MIFY 2015? (Or any business building conference, really?)

That’s a good question- and there is an equally good answer.

When a therapist asks me this question, what they are really asking, underneath, is “Is this conference worth it?” – and underneath that, they’re asking “Will I get enough from it to justify my investment to be there, both in terms of time and travel, but also time away from my practice?”

I always enjoy when therapists ask me (or ask each other) if the More Income for YOU! (MIFY) conference is “worth it”. While I can always answer the question with a question, “What are you losing by NOT knowing this information?” – I’ve now just started saying, simply, “Yes.”

That might sound biased coming from me, but let me share the facts with you. This conference is the *ONLY* live event for therapists which focuses not just on marketing skills (though we cover those) but on all aspects of practice management, including financial management, leveraged income, and avoiding burnout.

I teach you how to think about your therapy business policies and how to uphold them. I teach you how to connect with your target audience through your website copy and online locators. I help you overcome your limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of the practice you really want. Plus you’ll learn at least one or two new marketing approaches– and how to do them, step by step, so you can attract new clients.

In addition, I also give you inspiration and hope. I have hundreds of success stories of therapists- just like you- who have taken what they’ve learned from MIFY and applied it with great results. Therapists share with me how they’ve grown their practices, increased their income, and created a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

More income, more ease, step by step. Isn’t that what it’s about?

Yes- that’s exactly what MIFY is about helping you create in your life and work.

So, is this conference worth it?

Yes- if your life and business is worth it.

This is why I want to see you at MIFY 2015. I want you to be one of my newest success stories in 2016.

Get your ticket: http://MoreIncomeForTherapists.com

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