When Something is Missing in Your Practice

Be a Wealthy TherapistWhen you first began your therapy practice, you were probably excited and enthusiastic. You were, perhaps, thrilled about leaving your agency job- no more annoying coworkers! No more grumpy boss! No more tiny dark office! No more overwhelming loads of paperwork!

And now, maybe a few months- or a few years- into your therapy practice, you find that you miss your annoying coworkers. That your office space isn’t quite exactly as you wanted. That paperwork is still a problem- and that yes, you, in fact, make a very grumpy boss.

If you feel like something’s missing in your practice, that’s usually due to one of three things.

The first: you don’t know what your goals are. “Growing my practice” or “getting clients” are not specific enough goals to actually motivate you to act. If you feel like you don’t know what you’re trying to do, it may be that your goals need tweaking.

The second: you aren’t sure that your actions are getting you closer to your goals. In this case, you have specific goals you want to reach (such as gain three new clients by the end of the month), and you’re taking a lot of action, but you’re not seeing results. It may be that you’re taking the wrong actions for your goals.

The third: you have some limiting beliefs (as we all do) that are keeping you small and feeling stuck. These beliefs can make you rigid and closed off when it comes time to market your practice in ways that might feel like a stretch.

All of these are reasons that your practice may not be feeling complete.

Another reason is that you don’t have enough support to build your practice- you’re the Lone Ranger and don’t have a trusty sidekick.

If you want to set more effective goals, create a step-wise action plan to reach those goals, blast through your limiting beliefs, and do this while being supported by a skilled and experienced coaching team- then I invite you to apply to work with us.

We can trim years off your practice-building process, helping you be more effective and more confident. We know what it takes to build a practice, and we’ll share our proven and tested method with you.

If you listen to what Dr. Carol Erb shares, “I’m in a lovely suite of offices. I actually have two offices with associates and a full glass to floor beautiful office that I’m in. I am really working now to add more associates because I’m getting overwhelmed. Thanks to Casey, I really knew how to position myself and even name my center. It’s just a delight to do this kind of work and feel confident in what I’m doing.”

Or what Kat Mindenhall shares: “It was a big shift for me to acknowledge and accept and actually start to embrace the fact that I need to be out there, community networking and other marketing. I think that was the biggest shift. Not being grudging about it. Just being…okay, this is something that’s going to be my new life. I need to embrace it. Actually, this is how successful people do it.”

They – and many of our other coaching clients- have been able to fill in the missing pieces and build the practices they’ve always wanted.

If you feel like something is missing, and you’d like our skilled and wise guidance to help you go from where you are to the practice you’ve always wanted, please do apply to work with one of our Elite coaches.


It will help you find whatever has been missing.

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