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26 Responses to Registration Confirmed! What Works To Build Your Practice Right Now?

  1. Connie Garcia-Knox says:

    Thank you!

  2. Casey, I have so enjoyed your Monday night class. You have helped me look at what is really going on with me. Although my practice is more than full, I have realized I am getting burned out after 40 years. I am rethinking everything!! You are a GEM! Marilyn

  3. Pam Shaw says:

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for your willingness to share with us. I’m just getting started in private practice. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to the call.

  4. Looking forward to class!
    Im in need of inspiration, trying to find cash paying clients

  5. Katherine says:

    Hi Casey
    I am thoroughly enjoying the Therapist Business Finances and am looking forward to this telecast as well. You provide very practical and helpful advice, comments and insights. I do appreciate the recordings as well as I do not always have time right when the telecast is on – I had set time aside for the Business Finances to make sure I would be on the telecast itself, but I got the wrong conversion with the time zones. 🙁

  6. Cherry Jones says:

    Thanks so much Casey for offering this. I am ready to make some changes and put in the daily work and play to make it happen! I have missed your enthusiasm and useful guidance.

    • Casey Truffo and the BAWT Team says:

      Hi there, I have heard of companies that do credentialing for you. All that means is that they fill out the paperwork (which is a lot of work but you can do it yourself.) But if you want to go on insurance companies, that is a pretty big decision and what that means is that any marketing you do may attract insurance clients.

  7. Dave Evans says:

    Hi Casey! Its been a while since I’ve been in touch, and I’m glad to be part of this class – thanks again for generously offering such high-value help to therapists looking for “the real stuff.”

  8. I could use some good advice about increasing my clientele, and the teleclass recording is perfect for my schedule right now. thanks

  9. Hi there, I could definitely use some lessons, and unfortunately i cannot make the noon teleclass so i appreciate the recording very much.

  10. Hi Casey-looking to your tele class. I’ve missed your lovely voice. Wishing you only success. Looking forward to meeting everyone else. Dr Karen

  11. Nikki Myres, Marrriage and Family Therapy Intern says:

    I am preparing to be licensed; yet my graduate work has not prepared me to start my own business or market for clients….thanks for offering me mentoring in this area!

  12. Thanks Casey! Always enjoy and learn from these. Much appreciated☺

  13. Miryam Mejia says:

    I haven’t had a new client in over a month.My frustration is straining my relationshps.

  14. cheryl ward says:

    I advertized on I got a response from a person who offered a contract to get my practice credentialed to bill insurance companies after 3 requests to provide me with a price for doing this. Instead, he responded with the statement that he needed to know my budget for this so he would know what to charge. Have you heard this before?

  15. shira marin says:

    I just can’t figure this out…not nearly enough full fee client referrals.

  16. Looking forward to hearing the talk.

  17. Hi Casey. Can’t wait! You provide such value in your teleclasses and videos. Business has been off for a while. I may get a client or two, but retention is difficult with some clients. Not all are committed to working on their goals long enough to attain much. Money is often a factor for them. Any system or process you use to gain and retain clients for longer periods of time???. Currently I am living month to month.

  18. Ana says:

    Casey ,
    I would appreciate if you could give me your opinión about my web page.
    Also I have a several Drs that have offices in the surrounding area of my private practice. But I don’t have the courage to approach them nor do I have a good letter of introduction. Can you help me with that? Do you have a good idea on how to approach them in a good way?
    Thanks for your help.
    Ana Maria

    • Casey Truffo and the BAWT Team says:

      Ana – letters to docs usually don’t work. (What do you do with letters you might get? Do you jump up and down and look for people to refer to the one who write you a letter? We will talk in the class about how to make connections with docs but it is not via a letter. As far as looking at your website, if you want one of our coaches to give you feedback, you could purchase a session with them for that purpose.
      Talk soon!

  19. Thanks Casey – you give such great info, I love your teleclasses.

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