What’s Next for Your Practice?

Your answer to this simple, and yet important, question can tell me a lot about your development as a CEO and the current state of your practice.

As I share in the 5 ingredients of a happy, healthy, wealthy therapy practice, you need to have a strategy for your business building. The only way to create your strategy is to strategize.

Five Ingredients

Yet how do you do this when your phone is ringing off the hook (or, even worse, not ringing at all?) or when your sessions run late, your clients don’t show, and your income fluctuates wildly from month to month.

You start to become very focused on today, right now, and start to measure your business success only in terms of number of client hours booked each week.

That’s an important metric- but it’s not the only thing you should be focused on. That’s because, before a client even contacts you, there has been- or, should be- a whole cycle of action and activity you’re taking to make your phone ring and to fill your appointment book.

But how do you know how and where to make time for your marketing if you never look past the immediate demands of your current clients and your booked appointments?

Then, when your client caseload drops, you go into panic mode.

So many of you experience this.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can save yourself a lot of wear and tear if you learn how to strategize for your practice- and PLAN for the downturns- so you’re not shuttling between emotional extremes- “up” when you book clients and “down” when clients leave, cancel, or end.

So how do you break this feast or famine cycle?

You do this through a process of goal setting- you set actual goals for yourself in terms of your marketing- and you set up time- written in your calendar- to do these marketing activities.

You have to make time for marketing in order to keep your practice full.

If you look back in your calendar over the past two weeks, how much time is blocked out for marketing? And if any time is blocked out for marketing, how much marketing did you actually do?

This is the biggest distinction that separates successful businesses from less successful ones.

It’s the biggest skill you can learn in terms of managing your practice- making time to look at what’s next and to keep it growing on the right path.

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