What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Q: Sometimes building my practice feels really overwhelming to me. After I see clients, and handle billing, and do my therapy notes, there doesn’t feel like there is enough time to go out and meet people and do all the things I know I need to do to grow my practice. Any tips for me on how to balance this better?

Arie Arie shares: The tip would be to do an 80/20 analysis where it is very likely that the therapist is doing longer notes than needed, longer sessions than agreed and even spending too much time in billing and other activities. The tip is to re-train the therapist mind to think 80/20 and just engage the minimum input for maximum output.


  • Just write the basics in the progress notes
  • Finish sessions on time
  • No need to do a 2 hour workout, with 45 min is enough
  • Ask delivery of groceries at home
  • Hire someone to do house cleaning
  • Use uber and make phone calls or take a nap during the car trip

It is a mix of 80/20 and delegation. This could add 10 extra hours a week.

Jeremie shares: I would suggest two things:Jeremie

1. Try and systematize things like billing, notes, etc so you can turn them into a habit that you do automatically   without thinking about it. This will save all of the time you normally spend thinking about and preparing to do these things, and actually just do them.

2. I would take a look at my number of clients and my pricing. It may be that you are priced too low and having to see more clients than is healthy for your business.

StacyStacy shares: Yes, there are times that it can be overwhelming building a practice; however, it is important to remember that there will be ebbs and flows to your business through out the year. Sometimes are just busier than others.

That said, when things are crazy busy it can be helpful to identify your ‘must do tasks’ and schedule them in your planner just like you would a client, like answering emails, returning phone calls, billing/finances, etc. This also includes connecting with new people or those you already know or may have referred clients to you in the past. Schedule a breakfast or bring coffee to their office.

I know I have been guilty of trying to do too many things at once and this can really slow me down during the day. ‘Batch your time’ by focusing on one specific task at a time so you can fly through it vs. hopping around like a rabbit from one task to another.

On the other side, when things are little slower with the business- Don’t freak out! Take a deep breathe and be grateful for the time you have to catch up on the less urgent to do list. If you are still having trouble with finding time to market….then ask yourself if you are over scheduled with clients? Then, how is that helpful for you, your business and your clients.

Jenny shares: It is always helpful to stay connected to your “WHY”. Why did you decide to grow your business, leave Jennyyour agency job, or hire additional therapists?

My guess is because you want more: financial freedom, professional autonomy, or personal expression. Maybe you have a passion for serving a particular demographic and are yearning to get out there and make it happen! Hurray! This means that you are an entrepreneur! And what you are learning right now is that as an entrepreneur there is ALWAYS more to do.

So, rather than imagining that one day you will wake and *miraculously* there is nothing on your to do list, I might suggest that you start getting to know your own overwhelm and take these steps

1) remember: this is not a race,

2) you signed up for this because you want something more and are willing to take a risk to get it (yay you!), and

3) give yourself bite-sized tasks to complete each day. It also helps to become efficient with your time, streamline your systems and take really good care of yourself (that means go for a walk, meditate, eat yummy food, and generally love. yourself. up.). You are going to need lots of good fuel in your tank for the exciting things ahead!

JylJyl shares: Start with self compassion. You may think I mean not holding yourself accountable, but this is very different. You help your clients normalize their feelings when they get overwhelmed.

Try listening to what you are saying to them. When you step back from harsh self criticism, then you have more energy to take the next step…and the next. Accountability means learning about what snags or stops you so you can grow into your own vision of great therapist and CEO.

Casey here again: And there you have it! Sound advice from my Elite coaching team. Now you can see why I adore them and so appreciate all the value they bring to supporting our clients!

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