What to do when you don’t feel like it

Don't Feel Like It

“Yuck. I just don’t feel like it.”

Do you ever experience a day or week where everything feels like too much, and you’re just not interested?

My guess is that most of us have experienced days like this at one point or another. As therapists, we are constantly working within many responsibilities at once- we are responsible to our clients, and then to ourselves. We juggle demands of family and health and finances, and even though we may be better equipped with tools for managing change, it doesn’t mean we always apply them on our own behalf.

Sometimes we find ourselves working with clients who put us out of our depth, or who push all our buttons. We might be going through life changes ourselves- maybe a new relationship, or the ending of one, the birth of a child or grandchild- and all the other experiences which make up human life.

It’s not always easy to keep going day after day when we don’t feel like it. Yet we must- and often do.

So what is really going on when you don’t feel like it?

I believe that this is an initial warning sign of not enough self care. If you are not eating well, not sleeping well, or not getting any time to relax- you will have less energy and interest for your usual routine. Even though positive life events are good, they still bring with them a certain kind of stress (eustress), which can feel as agitating as distress.

As therapists, we have to be very careful with our energy and resources of time, attention, and care.

If you’re feeling depleted, it’s a good sign that you need more care – for yourself.
What can you do this week to take better care of you?

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