What Makes a Resolution Real?

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The New Year always brings with it a feeling of freshness- a sense of being able to start over. This starting over means each of us comes to the new year with a desire to leave behind the old and embrace the new.

This is especially true when we’re looking at ways in which we want to improve and creating plans for how to do this.

So what makes a resolution real?

I’ll take us back to basic goal setting for a second- the idea that a goal is a “dream with a deadline.” – this means that your resolutions need to indicate what you’ll do- and by when.

Most people create resolutions and set goals aspirationally– meaning they create outcomes they aspire to. Things like “I will be a better person.” Or “I will be more patient.”

Yet the most effective- and likely to happen- goals and resolutions are ones that you set practically– where you have an outcome you aspire to AND practical steps to get there.

Practical steps- action steps- are the first part of what makes a resolution real.
The second part is about taking those actions.

Being a successful therapy business owner relies on knowing what is most important, defining how to achieve that- and taking action to get there.

So when you look at your resolutions this year for your business, ask yourself if they are aspirational only (“I will grow my practice this year.”) or if they include the extremely necessary practical steps on how you will make that resolution or goal actually occur.

Action always beats inaction. Doing always beats thinking.

“But, Casey” , you might be thinking, “That all sounds good, but what if I don’t know HOW to get from where I am to where I aspire to be?”

It’s OK if you don’t- that’s why you work with a mentor or a guide to help you get there.

You do this naturally in your clinical work, seeking supervision or attending workshops and trainings to become more proficient as a clinician. It’s no different on the business building side; you can get help to become more skilled at the necessary skills of a confident CEO.

That’s what my Elite coaching team helps you do.

If you want to turn your lofty resolutions into a practical plan for greater income, ease, and time off in 2016, you need to work with one of my highly skilled and effective coaches.

You can get started by applying here: http://beawealthytherapist.net/help

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