What is the treatment plan for your practice?

When you have a new client, what is your assessment process? Do you listen to their story and consider what would make them happier? Do you look for their errors in thinking or behavior? Or assess their areas of woundedness and strength?

And then once you have an assessment, do you think about what your treatment plan might include? You can do the same type of clinical assessment  for your practice if you aren’t attracting the clients that you want.  And then develop a treatment plan to make your practice even more successful.

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3 Responses to What is the treatment plan for your practice?

  1. Jyl Scott-Reagan says:

    One big thing I love about working with you is that you can show me the ways I limit myself. Then instead of getting stuck in the mistake, there is a fabulous lightness that I can move past it and make powerful course corrections that lead to results. Sure, it is work – but yuck has been replaced with ease!

  2. Thanks Casey, I appreciate your short videos on ‘setting me straight’ in developing my practice. I do suffer from shiny object syndrome and it’s nice to be reminded to focus on effective marketing strategies!

  3. Thanks for continuing to nourish my practice, Casey! You always inspire me. I am blessed by the light you shine on my practice! Thanks!

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