What is the More Income for YOU conference?

beawealthytherapist.netProfessional development is an investment, but often you can leave a conference asking yourself, “Why on earth am I here?” The topics can be too broad or a bad fit, and they won’t address the needs for your practice, make life easier, or bring you joy. The people might be stiff, or uninterested in sharing what truly inspires them.

Spin this image 180 degrees, and you have the More Income for YOU conference. It’s the only event dedicated 100% to private practitioners, and our goal is to help you earn more money and to do so without burning out. All in the form of a giant party and conference in sunny Huntington Beach, CA from October 22-24.

Are you interested in finding new and creative ways to use your therapy skills besides those Butt in Chair (B. I. C.) hours? Want to be more profitable so that you take home more at the end of your month? Interested in learning about how to do more in less time so you can have more free time? Then come join us!

For three days, we’ll talk about how to make your private practice more lucrative and more joyful. We’ll be bringing you new ideas, new business models, and inspiring experts dedicated to helping you increase your impact and income.  Laser coaching, masterminding, and implementation support are also a highlight of the event.

Want to increase your visibility and credibility online?  We’ve got it covered. Uncomfortable with selling your services? We’ll help you overcome that fear. Need a business plan that incorporates your own personality and creativity? We’ll guide you through it!

The conference is also an opportunity to gather as colleagues and share your love for private practice, get your creative juices flowing, and find a business model that gets you excited. Self-care is a part of success, so you need break from the daily grind to help yourself and your practice. What more do you need than the ocean, a gorgeous hotel, and great company?

And what better combination is there than smart ideas, invigorated experts, a big hug, and a word of encouragement? My hope for you is that you will leave this event excited and inspired, knowing you are not alone in your dreams for your private practice. You’ll be just as energized as when you graduated, but with your wisdom and experience.

For more information, you can read all the juicy goodness at moreincomefortherapists.com. You’re on the edge of something great, so reach forward and grab it!

We’ll see you in October!

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