Thank You – Your Seat is Reserved

YAY! We are so excited you are joining us for the free teleclass on Monday February, 25th at 12pm PT/ 3pm ET where I will share:

The Answer to the #1 Question I am Asked About Offering VIP Services: How to Offer and Sell Them to New (and Existing) Clients

Here is a bit of what I will cover:

  • How to explain the new offerings to your existing clients so that they feel included, cared for, and good about their options.
  • What to say to new clients when offering your new services.
  • How to choose the right client for your ‘VIP Services Beta Test’

I will also share with you all the details of our upcoming course “Increase Your Income and Impact with VIP Services’ where we will dive deep into designing, pricing, marketing and delivering VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge services. (And if you register early for the full course, you will get the chance to join my attorney, Steve Frankel, and me as he answers all your legal questions about VIP offerings.)

How to join us live on the teleclass:

Date and Time:
Monday, February 25th at 12pm pacific (that is 1pm mountain, 2pm central and 3pm eastern)

Call in details:

Phone: (805) 399-1000
Access code: 197779

Can’t join us live? No worries, we will happily send out a recording to you within 24 hours of the call.

As always, your success is my mission.

Love and Blessings,



2 Responses to Thank You – Your Seat is Reserved

  1. Mersa Jabul says:

    wow! i have been doing this common sense approach to treatment for years. i have found that it works well with not only couples, but with trauma work, adults suffering from abuse, and dysthmia. when treatment gets to a certain point, the alliance is strong, it just seems practical. unfortunately, i still tied to doing clinic work, even though i’ve gotten through much of the hassels of not sticking to their scale-down irrevent frame, i would much rather get past my fear and be on my own. here’s to hoping i get there~ thanks for your reinforcement that i not working from the misperception that ‘have a big breast’ (so far from my reality). m. jabul.

  2. Hi Casey, I booked my first VIP service after the conference and was quite delighted by being able to do so given how you had basically prepped me with a script! Thanks so much. I’m struggling with changing my mindset from “how many hours this means I ‘owe’ my VIP clients” to one of “the package is the package”. Also, as it is a beta-test, I realized I didn’t create a big enough package for what my couples actually require. Looking forward to the call!

    Thanks for all you do.

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