YAY! I am I’m so pleased and grateful you’ve joined us for the “How to Offer VIP Services” no-cost learning series.

Please be sure to scroll down after each lesson and share with us your comments and take-aways! I love hearing your thoughts 🙂

Please note: Always talk to your personal attorney if you have questions. This is not meant as legal advice.

Lesson 1: How to Structure a VIP day or Intensive.

Watch the 7 Minute Power-point Video Here:

View/Print the Lesson 1 PDF file Here

In Lesson #1, I share:

* The definition of a VIP day or Intensive
* The number 1 mistake most clinicians make when they deliver a VIP Day or Intensive
* 3 Pillars of a Successful VIP Day or Intensive
* 3 Examples of a VIP Day Topic or Name to get your creative juices flowing
* A template of the timing and structure of a 3 hour VIP Day
* Your first 4 steps to get started offering VIP days or Intensives.


Lesson 2: Concierge Services

Watch the 7 Minute Power-point Video Here:

View/Print the Lesson 2 PDF file Here

In Lesson #2, I share:

* What are Concierge Services?
* The history of Concierge Services
* 4 examples of types of services you could offer
* The #1 mistake many clinicians make when first offering Concierge Services
* 4 steps to design the right Concierge Service for you and your client
* What to do after your first Concierge client
* 4 steps to get started with Concierge Services

Lesson 3: 5 Mistakes

Watch the 7 Minute Power-point Video Here:

View/Print the Lesson 3 PDF file Here

YES! Are you ready to deepen your understanding and confidence with offering VIP Services?

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  • Design your VIP Offerings
  • Find the Right Price for your VIP Services
  • Structure your time and delivery
  • Find the Perfect Clients (Marketing)
  • Talk about these services with new and
    current clients
  • Manage your already full calendar and checklists, next-step assignments and more …including a one hour recording on the legal and ethical issues of offering VIP Services (with therapist and attorney Steve Frankel.)

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28 Responses to YAY! I am I’m so pleased and grateful you’ve joined us for the “How to Offer VIP Services” no-cost learning series.

  1. Andrea Neal says:

    Thank you, Casey!! Great information. I like the idea of the intensive days – it seems like that would be starting with a small commitment if I just want to get a feel for how I’d like doing this type of thing.

  2. Casey,

    Wonderful job! Clear, concise, direct. I LOVE the way you are constantly challenging therapists to think outside of the box to ways we can better serve our clients!

    Miranda Palmer, LMFT

  3. Hi Casey! I love that you are covering this topic. It was one of the things that I was really interested in at the “More Income For Me” conference last year and have been thinking about how to incorporate it into my already busy practice. Also wonder if it is something that I can help my interns build for their practices. It is funny that I have been saying to the staff for years that, since our offices are literally available 24/7, a great target niche might be working with insomniacs…for those therapists who are night owls or very early birds like myself. No one has taken me up on it. Perhaps Concierge services might be a way to offer this type of service. As I am typing this and trying to think about what I would call it, I think I just came up with a title! “Online Concierge Services for Night Owls and Early Birds”…or something to that effect. =) Anyway, thank you so much for inspiring therapists to think outside the box and to offer services that really meet clients where they are =))

  4. Casey, I think many of us have been asking for clarity about this topic and thank you for arriving. I have been doing these kind of services with some of my clients for years…1.5-3 hours sessions, mini-focused sessions of 3-5 hours, personal retreats in very nice locations and small groups of VIP clients. I really appreciate you giving this topic form as it is rewarding to work this way to deepen and also provide more focused work rather then weekly sessions. I look forward to your offering.

  5. Ave' Maria says:

    This entire series comes at the exact right time, as I launch my private practice. Since I will often work with groups- professionals and business owners, I will apply these VIP/Concierge services to groups. After I identify a clinical office, I will consult w/you re: self-pay clients in semi rural/rural areas in the south. Thank you so much, Casey! And, I look forward to signing up for the next course in March.

  6. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time. Great information.

  7. Thank You Casey I am truly grateful for your generosity with sharing your time and knowledge so freely. I have been offering intensives to pregnant couples, helping them prepare for childbirth. Over the years I have found the course is actually very long, twelve hours over two Saturdays, or 3hr chunks over 4 evenings. Thanks to you, I am going to add a one day option, at a reduced price, to women who wish to attend without partners.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Casey, thank you so much! I feel myself procrastinating about pricing for concierge services. I don’t want to charge too little (and be exhausted) or too much (and have too few clients). And each country is different of course. Is there a rule-of-thumb for pricing?

  9. Lillian says:

    Hi Casey! I appreciate the information that you are giving. I have been doing intensives for many years now. In fact it is almost the only way that I work. I am wondering about pricing for the concierge service. How would you price this? I’d like to know how much you would charge for what … examples?

  10. Sandra says:

    Casey: You are definitely on the cutting edge… These are wonderful ideas, and I love your heart-centered commitment to being of service to us. Thank you so much!! I am definitely going to put your suggestions into practice.

  11. Katrina says:

    Thanks so much for offering this information. You did an excellent presentation. I am excited to offer my first Intensive!

  12. LaWanda says:

    Thanks Casey! This is some helpful and great information. I am defintely going to offer VIP services to my clients.

  13. Lara Symonds says:

    Thank you so much, Casey, for offering this series! Quite a lot of value content packed in a small expenditure of time. I really got a lot out of your first audio and can’t wait until the second. I’ve been looking for creative ways to increase my revenue, and your ideas are exciting to me.

  14. Thanks so much for this, Casey. It came just in time. I have a couple that I was thinking about offering an intensive to and didn’t know quite how to structure it. I never thought about a title before so thanks for that, too. I also very much appreciate your making a pdf available. I do much better holding something in my hand and reading it.
    Blessings to you, too. Zora

  15. Renee says:

    I really enjoyed the first lesson. It was simple, succinct and taught me that quality was more important then quantity. Today I have a 2 hour training that I will pair down after viewing this so as not to overwhelm my.recepients. Thank you, this is excellent guidance.

  16. Hi Casey,
    Great information. I’d conceptualized a VIP day as working with a client on a particular issue they wanted to really focus on-as in they choose the topic. From the video it seems I can actually choose a topic, say clearing relationship clutter and finding a great partner (thanks for the title idea) and offer that. So I’m thinking I can offer a VIP day 2 ways-am I right?

  17. Rhea says:

    Im wondering about space. Obviously doing longer sessions with one couple can fit in my relatively small office. Id like to do VIP days with 3 couples – which would definitely be too tight in my own office. But not enough people for renting many kinds of spaces, especially with the privacy that would be needed. any ideas for types of spaces to look for? Also – with a couple, i would charge the same price as usual for a 3 hour block of time…if there are more couples and so its semi=private…would you recommend lower price per couple?

  18. Joan Pechauer says:

    Hi Casey,
    Just finished listening to the “How To Offer VIP Service” video. The most helpful tips for me were scheduling breaks (3.5 hours of being “on” was scary, but with breaks it seems more appealing) and the thought of trying it out one time vs. thinking I had to have it perfectly designed forever! Thanks for getting me thinking about this. Joan Pechauer, LMFT

  19. Kelly Lewallen says:

    Casey thank you for generously sharing this with us! I did do my first intensive two weeks ago and loved it and I think my clients really progressed. I am going to sit down RIGHT NOW and make up a couple of intensive sessions to offer. I met a guy at BNI who can make a nice card stock 1/4 page flyer!

  20. Simone Ravicz says:


    Thanks again for your invaluable information. I just wondered about pricing… would we charge just three times the hourly rate or a bit less?

  21. Sarah Ruggera says:

    Casey, that was great. About 2 years ago I started offering a 3 -4 hour Intensive for Couples Counseling emphasizing the issue of not having enough time during the week or are in town for a limited time, etc, and marketed it on its own website and also included it on my main website. I offered it at $495. It included a combination of what I would have done in 3 – 4 50-minute sessions. Now with my niche of working with Infidelity I want to start it up again as the media is all over this topic. Also, currently my clientele tends to go over their 1 hour sessions and don’t mind paying the additional charge for the extra time; I charge by the quarter hour. I know who these clients are and typically book 1.5 – 2 hours when they get put on calendar. My rate, thanks to you is $175 – $225 per hour. I can’t believe I used to charge $75 per session less then 5 years ago. Thank you for all your hard work in helping us and our profession. My best.

  22. Karen Page says:

    Very Helpful! I have beta-tested

    with a couple and I really enjoyed the experience. Could you offer advice as to how to advertise this on website in the future? Thanks for all that you do! You keep me inspired!

  23. Rebecca Denslow says:

    Thank you Casey. It’s good to know I’m doing something right.
    I have done many intensives ranging from 3 hours, to 6 hours with individual couples. I also do a 2 day weekend couples workshop with 3 to 6 couples. I LOVE doing these. And 98% of the participants have rated their experience as Excellent ( the other 2% gave a score of Good) I am a PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) Trained Professional and use these exercises with the couples.
    With the individual couples and somewhat with the smaller groups I’m able to apply these exercises to their particular situations and needs. We have a finite time, with breaks and lunch, and always lots of good snacks, and debriefing. Most of the people that come for the intensives are from out of town.

  24. Pat says:

    I’m wondering about pricing – if one unit of service (50m) is $150, say, then an intensive would need to be at least $450 (plus snack), but if it takes place on a more valuable (for me) Saturday, that’s a hard one. Even so, $450 seems pretty steep. How do you think about fees for this as compared with your regular fee?

    • Rhea says:

      I charge 130 to 150 per hour. however, i have only cash pay practice. since i prefer to work, and not everyone can afford thousands of dollars worth of therapy, i offer packages of hours. in this way, i get commitment from people for at least a certain amount time in therapy. they are then more likely again, to continue. i don’t have to worry about payment at every session. If they do reschedule without much notice, i already have $$ i can deduct from their credits. The clients like it bcs they save on hours – i get paid chunks at a time, and even tho im making less per hour – im booking more hours, getting more committed clients, who are then more satisfied…this is a long way of answering your question – to me, a 3 hour VIP day would be a 3 hour package. I offer this to clients anyway, if they pay for the 3 hours in advance and at once, they save $40 on 3 hours at the per hour price. they can also buy 6 hours, and save $100. i would use this type of pricing for a VIP day, and state the savings they will get, over paying a single hourly price. and i just do provide food bars, water, coffee and tea. anyway. most people just want a small bottle of water. if they’re signing up for 3 hours, i can put out for some snacks. There are a lot of therapists out there, they could go anywhere – or no where. Therapy for way too many people is a luxury in this economy and if they invest in sharing their journey with me – im not nickle and diming people over snacks, or even for the highest per hour rate. I feel its welcoming and nurturing to offer very light refreshments. Im grateful for the trust they place in me, and for the work they do, to improve their lives. Satisfied people send more clients. even at a little less per hour, more hours booked and paid for still equals more money. I also assess situations – 2 working partners who are doing fine – they can pay reasonable fees. some who need help are struggling to get help, and i want to help them. I learn, and i get other kinds of returns for helping, so for some people = ill offer a lower per hour rate, or maybe it would be a special VIP day rate…or maybe only the more well off clients get the offer for VIP days…

  25. Casey and the Team says:

    Looks like we had something wonky happen to the blog. Hope it is fixed now!

  26. amber says:

    hi great stuff!

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