Welcome to the VIP Services Bootcamp!

Congratulations! You have successfully reserved your seat in the VIP Services Bootcamp, March 4 – 12, 2013.

I’m so proud and excited that you have decided to join me.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Module 1: What are VIP Services & Who can afford them?
  • Module 2: How to Package, Structure and Deliver VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge Services
  • Module 3: How to Market Your VIP Services. Where do you find people who want them?
  • Module 4: All Things Money. How to find your ‘right price’ and offer these services
  • Module 5: Boundaries, Self Care, and Practicalities. How to manage this when you have other clients
  • Module 6: Q&A and Laser Coaching with Casey. Put it all together and get clarity so you can get tarted right away
  • Bonus: Q&A call with attorney and therapist Steve Frankel. We know you have questions – ask the attorney!

Yay! Looking forward to having you joining us!

Please check your inbox as I am sending you immediate details on how to access your resource center and how to get started right away with your first bonus.

See you soon!


5 Responses to Welcome to the VIP Services Bootcamp!

  1. So grateful to you for offering this Bootcamp, Casey! I’ve been thinking about how to offer these services … but until your intro call hadn’t considered the legal implications. Woohoo — now I can hardly wait for our first call! :)) ‘See’ you soon!

  2. Really looking forward to the Bootcamp, Casey. After the conference, I used the script you gave us and landed my first VIP couple. But, I need more info on how to get out of the “fee-per-hour” mindset as I notice myself counting how many hours I “owe” my couple. I want more ideas on packaging and pacing. I am excited!!!

  3. Gwen Brehm says:

    Question for Steve: I hope to have some land and some cabins to do small group intensives and other retreat format programs. In doing small group intensives on my own land where people will stay there instead of a hotel, what legal issues do I need to consider? What liability concerns would you have and is there a way for me to protect myself with contracts or insurance? If this is too much to answer in the training, I am happy to consult with you individually. Thanks for your support of all Casey does to help us! GB

  4. Pat says:

    If we can not make a call, will there be a way for us to post questions in advance for consideration? Thanks!

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