“Give Me 7 Hours and I Will Show You How to Create More Income and More Impact by Offering VIP Services”

Learn how to Design, Price, Offer and Deliver VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge Services in ways that feel good and have your clients asking for more.


From: Casey Truffo
Date: Tuesday 7:00am

If you are like most clinicians, you find these two thoughts running through your head:

1. How can I better serve my clients?

2. How can I increase my income?

Let’s take a look at how we can answer those two questions.

First, I know you care about your clients. A lot. You hold them in your head and your heart – not only during the session – but in your spare time too. You want to help them feel better and get better. Being of service …. being a great clinician is VERY important to you.

And I know you have a lot of plans to do just that.You get supervision to make sure your clients are getting your best. You attend training programs to improve your clinical skills. You love them and you'd like to earn more.

But, let’s talk about it. What about the money?

I know you work hard and I bet you would like to earn more income. It would be nice not to have to worry so much about expenses. It would be nice to have extra money for a vacation or for the new car or computer you might soon need.

How do you increase your income?

You could simply raise your fees across the board. And while that may at first look like a good idea, studies have shown that this can cause therapeutic breaks and you may lose some clients. (Ever notice how many decide they are “cured” after a fee raise?)

You could raise your fees for new people only. Not a bad idea but an extra few dollars here or there is probably not what you had in mind.

But what if you could change the way you delivered your service in a way that helped the client get to their goal faster…or more simply…or more easily. And that the new way you delivered these services increased your per-hour income? With minimal extra effort.

Introducing in Home Study Format:
How to Offer VIP Services for More Impact and Income

This training will show you how to offer VIP services in ways that can:

  1. Feel better to both you and the client
  2. Be more efficient or easier for the client (and YOU!)
  3. Be perceived as more valuable by your clients (for which they will pay handsomely.)VIP Services

Here is what we will cover in this new, online training:

How to Offer VIP Services for More Impact and Income: A 7 Module Home Study Training Program

Module 1: What are VIP Services and Who Will Pay for Them?

As heart-centered healers, the idea of offering VIP services can at first seem both exciting and scary.

So, let’s jump in right away and answer these questions:

Why would anyone pay for VIP services? What is the benefit to the client?
Are there really people that will pay for VIP services – especially in this economy?
Is this only for wealthy clients?
What about the people who cannot afford them? (How to differentiate your services)
Are there populations, issues or modalities that are more suited to VIP services?
Is there another way to describe them other than VIP or Intensives?
Are there any downsides to offering these types of services?
Do we need to do this as coaches or can we do it as therapists?
Will insurance pay? (Short answer: No. If you are an insurance based practice it is going to be difficult to offer VIP services and be paid privately.)


Module 2: How to Package, Structure and Deliver VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge Services

(With ease and at low cost to you). You will learn:

Step-by-step timing for a structured Intensive or VIP Day
Five types of Concierge Services that would add value (and people would pay you for)
How to deliver your VIP services in ways that increase your energy
5 high-value, low-cost extras you can add to make your clients feel more special
How to get instant feedback from your clients as you offer these services


 Module 3: How, Where and When To Market Your VIP Offerings

We’ll cover how to:

Find clients who are willing to pay for these services
Develop your VIP Services marketing plan (It is easier than you might think)
Review the pros and cons of adding these services on your website
Introduce these VIP service to new clients or existing and former clients (when speaking, networking, or on the phone)
Handle it when you are already offering VIP services and not charging for them
Talk about these VIP services without feeling gimmicky or narcisstic
Decide whether or not to offer these services via an online appointment calendar


 Module 4: How to Set, Negotiate and Collect Your VIP Fees (Complete with Samples and Examples).

We’ll cover how to:

Find the ‘right price’ for each service so that you balance your desire to make money with your desire to be of service
Talk about the fees in ways that make you and the client see the value
Get paid…and when
Sample VIP day and Intensive price structure range
Offer VIP services to clients so that they see the value
Sample script you can use immediately to distinguish between your VIP services and regular services (In other words, what to say on our next intake call)
Join with potential or new clients in order to reduce your potential VIP service cancellation or no-show rates – once they’ve scheduled with you
Speak with potential or new clients on the intake call so they feel good about their choice – whether they decide to go with your regular service or VIP service
Handle the ‘Do you take insurance?’ question (when you don’t and when insurance won’t pay for this)
Design, offer and sell more ‘next step’ VIP services to the clients who love them


 Module 5: We want you to feel like a VIP when you offer these services.

Let’s make sure you take good care of yourself (as well as your other clients) as you expand your services. We’ll learn how to:

Manage your time and energy if you offer both VIP and your regular service offerings
Make sure your existing clients still get great service even if they aren’t taking advantage of your VIP Offerings
Creatively schedule your Concierge and VIP services calendar (with all you are doing already)
Start out – when to schedule your first VIP offer
Add VIP Services if your practice is already full
Test your offering first so you know what works well and can modify what doesn’t work for you
Handle the reactions of your colleagues when they hear what you are up to
Move toward an all fee-for-service (cash-pay) practice if you want to transition from an insurance practice
Evaluate what is working and what needs to change for better results


 Module 6: Group Coaching Call with Casey: Putting it All Together

When when we ran this course live, I did a group Q&A call for the participants. Here you will have the recording of that call. As you listen to the questions others have asked, you may find you learn even more!

Plus…this bonus module

Bonus Module: VIP Services Law and Ethics with Attorney Steve Frankel

Listen in as I grill Steve Frankel about areas where therapists might get in trouble with VIP services – and how you can lessen your risk. This 60-minute call alone is worth the price of this entire course.


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I am sure you have questions….

“Is this training for me?”

This training is for you if:

  • You are interested in being paid more per hour
  • You would like to add new items to your menu of services to improve your profitability
  • You recognize our culture needs us to be more flexible
  • You are looking for ways to offer added flexibility to your clients
  • You are a self-starter and just want to know what and how to offer these services

Who should NOT attend this training?

  • Clinicians who have no desire to increase their impact or income
  • Clinicians who wish to remain 100% insurance-based
  • Clinicians who believe their services are not valuable
  • Clinicians seeking continuing education credits. (No CE units are available for this program.)

“How much is the ‘How to Increase Your Impact and Income with VIP Services’ home study training?”

The fee is one payment of $595. And you can make back your entire investment with just one or two VIP Services.

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Building a practice isn’t easy. And I know you deserve more for all you do. Let’s explore this Win-Win strategy of offering VIP services.

“How is the training delivered?”

This online course has been designed so you can proceed at your own pace. When you purchase the course, you get immediate access to the videos in all 5 modules. Additionally, you get audio recordings for the Group Q&A call and the “VIP Legal and Ethical Issues” recording I did with attorney and therapist, Steve Frankel.

Each module consists of 3 to 4 short videos showing how to start offering VIP services. Each module also contains a ‘next step’ homework assignment. This is to help you avoid procrastination, jumpstart your progress and get you into action.

After you’ve watched the videos in the  5 modules, listened to the legal and ethical issues call, and have done the homework, you will be ready to start offering your first VIP services – perhaps to the next person who inquires about your services!

You can get everything you need in 7 hours or less – on your schedule.

Here is everything you get when you join us for this new training:

Increase Your Impact and Income with VIP Services: 5 Modules Plus, QA, Bonuses, Checklists, Recordings and Transcripts

  • Module 1: What are VIP Services & Who can afford them?
    Develop a VIP Mindset
  • Module 2: How to Package, Structure and Deliver
    VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge Services
  • Module 3: How to Market Your VIP Services
    Where do you find people who want them?
  • Module 4: All Things Money
    How to find your ‘right price’ and offer these services
  • Module 5: Boundaries, Self Care, and Practicalities
    How to manage this when you have other clients
  • Bonus: Q&A and Coaching  Audio Recording with Casey Put it all together and get clarity so you can get started right away
  • Bonus: Legal and Ethical Issues with VIP services audio recording with attorney and therapist Steve Frankel
    We know you have questions – listen to what the attorney said!
  • Bonus: Video interview with VIP therapist
    Watch how someone like you is successfully offering VIP services (and loving them)
  • All Modules (Video & Audio Training:)
    Available on-demand 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world for three months
  • Checklists to simplify your process
  • Sample Scripts to Offer Your VIP Services to Clients

The fee is one payment of $595. And you can make back your entire investment with just one or two VIP Services.

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Do you offer a guarantee or CEUs?

There is no money-back guarantee or refunds offered for this program. I have outlined the topics and content and feel confident that this program will meet your expectations. If you have questions or are wondering if this is the right program for you, then please give us a call at 949.309.2590 ext 0 or send us an email at Support[at]InTLI[dot]com – and please replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with, well, a dot) – and we can look at your options. Sorry, we are unable to offer CEUs for this program.

If not now, when?

How are you going to distinguish yourself from the thousands of therapists in your area?

Priority Order Form

YES! I want these exact strategies to boost my business.

I understand I will be billed $595 today to receive this VIP Services video and audio online training
I will have access to the recordings of all training modules which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world

The fee is one payment of $595. And you can make back your entire investment with just one or two VIP Services.

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Whether or not you decide to join us for this training is certainly up to you. But I want you to ask yourself 3 questions:

  • How are you going to distinguish yourself from all the other clinicians in your area?
  • What plans do you have to add flexibility and desirability to your menu of services?
  • How will you increase your income this year?

I believe that expanding your services to include VIP days, Intensives and Concierge Services can be one way to easily address all three.

As always, your mission is my success,

I believe in you.


I believe in you.