VIP Treatment Can Lead to VIP Income

“A brand new hairdryer?” I ran out of the bathroom flushed with excitement.

We were at a very nice (4 star) hotel on vacation in Hawaii. I had amazed myself by packing everything in our carry-ons. The airlines had lost our luggage the year before and we wasted an entire day of our vacation hunting for it.

But in order to be “carry-on girl”, I had to leave my beloved hairdryer at home. And to tell the truth, I always worry about the cleanliness of hair dryers in hotels.

But here in our room in a beautiful embroidered bag was a brand new hairdryer. I was ecstatic. I felt so special – the hotel wanted ME to have a brand new hairdryer.

Think about it. They probably bought the hairdryers in bulk at maybe $20 each. I felt like a VIP and was even happier to stay in their 4-star hotel (and pay 4-star room and food rates).

This is what we call “high perceived value with low cost.”

What could you add to your therapy business that would help your clients feel like VIPs and be happy to pay you VIP fees?

* Concierge type service
* Extended office hours
* On-demand access to you via phone or text (within extended business hours)
* VIP sessions that add an ‘experience’ to the session
* Longer or ‘break through’ sessions to help them get results faster (and avoid driving to you each week)
* Waiting room treats – gourmet cookies, K-cup coffee or tea, power bars, small water bottles

Your challenge this week: What high-perceived-value services or items could you offer that would make your clients feel special and happy to pay VIP rates?

To your happiness and success,

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