2016 Village Call Replay Page

July 2016:
1) Topics: What to look for in an office and how to monitor how well associates are doing.
2) Audio: Download here.

June 2016:
1) Topics: Creating a marketing plan – what is the most important thing to do? We also talked about getting off insurance panels… and how to reactivate former clients!
2) Audio: Download here.

May 2016:
1) Topic:
2) Audio: Download here.

April 2016:
1) Topic: Start of the second quarter – what do you want for this quarter?
2) Audio: Download here.

March 2016:
1) Topic: What happens when Real Life bumps into your business building efforts? (ill relatives, children going to college, etc).
2) Audio: Download here.

February 2016:
1) Topic: A Process to Create a Realistic Vision for Your Therapy Business.
2) Audio: Download here.

January 2016:
1) Topic: How to Set Your Initial Goals For the Year
2) Audio: Download here.

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