2015 Village Call Replay Page

December 2015:
1) Topic: How to calculate your Revenue Goal (and improvements in Operations role with cancellation policy)
2) Audio: Download here.

November 2015:
1) Topic: Getting speaking engagements, Moving from Insurance to cash pay practice, Building relationships with busy doctors, Scheduling busy clients weekly and more!
2) Audio: Download here.


October 2015:
1) Topic: Five Ingredients
2) Audio: Download here.


September 2015:
1) Topic: Mistakes Many Private Practitioners Make (and how you can avoid them)
2) Audio: Download here.


August 2015:
1) Topic: How to decide your priorities – “What do I do first?”
2) Audio: Download here.


July 2015:
1) Topic: How to Evaluate Multiple Streams of Income For Therapists!
2) Audio: Download here.


June 2015:
1) Topic: how to evaluate multiple streams of income for therapists
2) Audio: Download here.


May 2015:
1) Topic: Money and Energy – where are your old beliefs or current fears of making money hindering your success?
2) Audio: Download here.


April 2015:
1) Topic: How are you assessing how well your clients are doing? How happy they are?
2) Audio: Download here.


March 2015:
1) Topic: CEO Muscles: Goal Setting and Benchmarks.
2) Audio: Download here.


February 2015:
1) Topic: Managing the Different Hats We Wear as Business Owners.
2) Audio: Download here.


January 2015:
1) Topic: 90 Day Goal Setting Sprints Plus Tracking Your Numbers and Building Referral Relationships
2) Audio: Download here.


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  1. Just listened to the conference call from July 2015 and had one comment. Casey suggests not to bother marketing telemental health services and I disagree. Here in Oregon I am seeing a growing awareness of online therapy services and there is definitely a need in rural parts of the state where there few therapists and, especially for us, since we are a specialty clinic there are even fewer therapists who can treat complicated anxiety disorders (especially OCD). In the past week alone we have been approached by two different people from Southern Oregon who could not find a suitable therapist and so became telemental health clients for us – both had complicated OCD.

    • Casey Truffo and the BAWT Team says:

      Excellent Bob! Thanks for the feedback. This is the first time I have heard this. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. That is how I get my data. Big hugs!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks Casey. Great reminders. Good reframe for focusing on
    what I am doing for marketing.

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