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January 2015:
Please visit our 2015 page for our January call here:

December 2014:
1) Topic: Special interview with Dr. Bill Doherty on Discernment Counseling
2) Audio: Download here.


November 2014:
1) Topic: Mindset Around Our Business
2) Audio: Download here.


October 2014:
1) Topic: Mindset Around Our Business
2) Audio: Download here.


September 2014:
1) Topic: Therapy Business Owner vs Clinician In Your Practice
2) Audio: Download here.


August 2014:
1) Topic: Thinking Problems vs. Doing Problems
2) Audio: Download here.


infographicjulyJuly 2014:
1) Topic: Casey’s 12 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success.
2) Infographic: Download PDF Here
3) Audio: Download here.


So what do you think? Share your secrets to success in the comment box below!

3 Responses to

  1. Heather Hennick says:

    Thank you for the replay. It is good to hear experienced tips on how to succeed in this therapy business . It is definitely a challenge learning how to make this therapy business a viable reality.

  2. Hi Casey!

    Thank you for this call. I listened in on the recorded version, and is always great to be around business minded people in a”helping profession.” I would love to hear more about the ways that you examine with people their reasons for not “being able to afford therapy.” We all spend our money somewhere, and I am looking for new ways of helping people really be honest about their and prioritized expenses without them getting defensive. I look forward to the next call.

  3. Victoira says:

    You gave very practical suggestions. Thank you for organizing and coordinating the village concept and making it a reality. I learned viable information to assist me in navigating in today’s mental health market. You were very encouraging and supportive. I will be sure to tell others with whom I have contact.
    Thank you again.

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