Start Your New Therapy Practice on a Solid Foundation…

Build and grow your therapy business the right way,
from the beginning, saving yourself years
of frustration and wasted effort!

Dear Therapist-Colleague,

CaseyTruffo low resSo you’ve decided to take the leap into private practice! How exciting! You might be newly licensed, or have been working in agencies or community mental health for some years. And you’ve decided that the time has come for you to be your own boss and build a profitable and thriving therapy business.

I applaud you, because this is the same exact decision I made 20 years ago. And the past 20 years, while filled with challenges at times, have been the best years of my professional life.

This is what I want for you, too!

Building a private practice seems like it should be easy. You have your license. You have your office space. You have a phone number. You may have your forms. But what do you do next?

  • Should you go to networking meetings?
  • Should you speak in the community?
  • How will you manage your billing?
  • How do you know how much you need to earn?

You find yourself wondering about these questions- and others like them- which can feel overwhelming and exhausting. You don’t know exactly who to ask for help, and when you do reach out, you get back answers which are confusing and seem to contradict each other.

The bad news is that you can lose months- or even years- spinning in place, making no appreciable progress. Your golden dream of running your own practice starts to seem tattered and dull.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

How do I know?

Well, I’ve built a successful multi-clinician therapy center in the past two years- aside from training thousands of therapists to build their own full practices with cash pay clients.

If you keep reading, I will share with you how you can build your own full practice, whether you are just starting out, or if you have an insurance based practice that you want to transition to full cash pay over the next few years.

There has never been a better time to build a your practice – whether you wish to do so with insurance clients or if you want to move off insurance companies to a fee-for-service practice. We know for a fact that people want to come to therapy and are searching for caring, qualified therapists to help them.

Using my step-by-step proven blueprint system of practice building, my clients, like Kat, are seeing results like this:

“I think the biggest thing that helped me through coaching was shifting my thinking from, “I’m going to be a one trick pony in marketing and just really dominate this one area like online and that’s going to be okay.” The shift was it actually is expanding, not scary, and very inspiring. It brings a lot of energy to my practice.”

— Kat Mindenhall

Or Jon, who shares…

“Basically, what I did was I started working on the business side and when I started I had no idea what all I was going to get into. I started with…Casey had a marketing boot camp. I jumped in there and started working right away. Immediately in that workshop there’s this emphasis on ideal client.

I went to work on that. I think that one piece, as I look back, was really a critical turning point. It was sort of like I got a high return on investment of focusing on this ideal client. It kicked in so many different things that helped in the alignment of my practice and my business that has brought about a pretty significant amount of success in really about 2 years, maybe less.”

— Jon Dodds

Now, I share these stories with you so you can know what’s possible. Do I guarantee you’ll have these same results? No. I can’t, because I don’t know you, I don’t know what you know, and I don’t know what actions you’ll actually take.

However, what I do know is this: if you follow my proven curriculum, implement what you learn (with the support and structure provided by your group coaching sessions), you will be laying a strong foundation for a profitable cash based practice.

You may be thinking, “Casey- that sounds great- but how long will it take to fill my practice with ideal clients?”

That’s a great question. It will take at least a couple of years, maybe more. Some people have done it more quickly; some people have taken somewhat longer. Though if you plan to be in practice for a while, a few years invested in building your practice can create ongoing benefits for you for years to come. So, for example, you could invest a year of time, and build a strong foundation that will benefit you for 5, 10, 15 years- or more.

If you’re a serious business owner, you’ll understand that building a solid business takes time, and you’ll see that a few years of investment for ongoing return is a good pathway to consider.

I’m pleased to share with you this proven system, which we call the Be A Wealthy Therapist Topaz Mentorship Program

  A year-long group mentoring program designed to help you fill your practice.

The goal of the Topaz Mentorship Program is simple: we want to help you have the therapy business you want.

The entire Topaz curriculum is based on my 5 Steps to Becoming a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Therapist. The 5 steps cover Money Wisdom, Strategy, Creation, Action, and Perspective.

Five Ingredients

Each of these is important components in building a profitable therapy business.

TopazHere’s what the Topaz Mentorship Program
(12 months) includes, in the big picture:

Individual Coaching

  • Kick-off 3 hour VIP day with an Elite Be A Wealthy Coach to help you get the most out of this program.
  • A mid-year 45 minute coaching session with your Elite Be A Wealthy Coach to check in and course correct as needed.

Group Coaching Sessions

  • 20 group coaching calls taught by me, Casey Truffo, approximately twice per month- these calls will help you focus on the next steps towards the practice you want.
  • 12 “office hours” group calls facilitated by one of our team coaches, where we will be waiting to answer any questions you have. We want to help you stay focused and get things done.
  • 8 technology training calls, so you can get your questions answered about your website, social media, and any other online marketing concerns you might have

Training, Support and Resources

  • Access to our most important and stream-lined classes to support you in learning how to best build your business.
    * Marketing Bootcamp
    * How to Build Your Full and Rewarding Private Practice self study course
    * A printed and digital copy of the From Clinician to CEO Book
  • Access to all group lessons and recordings in an online resource center, so you can listen and re-listen at your convenience.

The Topaz program continues our tradition of high-value and results driven business coaching for therapists. We have numerous testimonials from past clients who have repeated our various coaching mentorship programs several times- because they realized they could not get this therapy specific business coaching anywhere else.

So, you can see that if you follow the program, you can make the program work for you.

Wondering about the investment for this program?

That’s a reasonable question. And I’m happy to answer it, but first, let me put this question in perspective.

It’s been said that the cost of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. If you are currently under significant debt or financial stress, Topaz is not the right program for you. If you are unwilling to market yourself, Topaz is not the right program for you. If you are resigned to barely making a living, and you want to keep doing things as you have been, Topaz is not for you.

However- if you are willing to be coached, willing to try different marketing strategies to find the ones that work for you, and are willing to get a job- if you have to- while building up your private practice- then you might be a good match for Topaz.

Here is the investment for Topaz:

There are two payment options

* Option 1 – Payments: $1,000 deposit and 11 payments of $399 (Total of $5389)
* Option 2 – Pay in Full: 1 Payment of $4500

Depending on your money mindset, you’re either thinking, “wow- all that training, access, and coaching for just $399 a month? (And incidentally, it works out to about $122 per hour for each component of the program – and that does not even include the classes you will have access to.) OR you might be thinking, “That is a A LOT of money. I’m just not sure it’s worth it.”

Again, it depends on your money mindset. That’s one thing we work on in the Topaz mentorship program.

If you are willing to invest in the Topaz mentorship program and understand that while you’ll be paying about $122 per hour, you’ll be gaining so much more. You’ll understand how to build your therapy business on a stable foundation. You’ll get support in starting to market your practice. You’ll gain confidence in knowing what you need to do, step by step, to build your practice as you wish. You will get support, structure, and accountability to keep going with your marketing- even when it’s difficult. You’ll get your technology questions answered, and, from time to time, you may also receive additional surprise bonuses to help you progress faster.

Some of our clients gain 2-3 new, cash pay clients while in the program, and that income – even if you charge $100 a session- if you multiply that $100 a session times 4 sessions per month times 5 months – you can see that just one new cash pay client would bring you $2000; which covers a portion of your Topaz investment. Again, I cannot promise that you’ll get 2-3 clients during our time together, but it is possible to do that and more – if you follow through with the assignments and suggestions in the program. And you will be learning the techniques that will work for years to come – to grow your business exactly where you want it!

Will this be Your Topaz Year?

I want to be very clear about this, the Topaz mentorship program is not for everyone, and not everyone is right for the Topaz mentorship program. If you can’t imagine spending this money on building your practice, then please don’t. You can keep doing whatever you have been doing.


If what I’ve shared with you seems like a good fit, and something you’d like to learn more about, then you’re ready to take the next step, which is to apply for the Topaz mentoring program.

The application is just a few questions long, but please take time to fill this out thoughtfully. After all, it’s our first chance to meet and assess whether you and Topaz will make a good match. So please consider each question thoughtfully and be honest with yourself- and with us.

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and set up a time to chat with you about what you’re looking for, and to ascertain that, indeed, Topaz is the right program for you. If it’s not, we have a complement of other coaching and training options you could consider. If the program is right for you, this call will be a chance for you to ask any questions, and if you are satisfied with what you learn, and we want you in the program, we’ll move ahead to the next step, enrollment.

If you want to build a solid foundation and attract more clients, please complete the Topaz Mentorship Application today as we are starting very soon.

If we’re a good fit for each other, we are so looking forward to welcoming you to the Topaz program!

Love and Blessings,

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