Three Ways to Create a More Joyful Practice

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One of the ideas I’ll be teaching at this year’s More Income For You Conference is about creating a more joyful practice.

Here are three ways to do that:

1)  Don’t market your practice – instead, create new connections.  

As you may know, I am painfully shy around people I don’t know. The way I deal with this is to realize that I want to have more referral sources for my clients. I want to know good attorneys, accountants, and acupuncturists to refer them to. So instead of marketing my services to others, I get excited about meeting (one on one) with people in other industries. Then the meetings are not about me or my services – but learning about their business. My shyness isn’t an issue since my focus – a lot like an intake session – is about the other person. And, paradoxically, if you are interested in others, they often really like you and want to support you.

2)  Choose your clients instead of letting them choose you.

Years ago, my colleague Byron saw 40 clients a week and he was never tired or overworked. One day when I was particularly stressed, I asked him how could he see that many clients and be so happy and relaxed. He said, “I choose better than you do.”  From that day forward, I decided that I would choose clients that energized me. On the intake call, I can usually tell if this is a client I can be there for and enjoy with full energy. If not, I let them go. My belief is that there will be another therapist who will be perfect for them.

3)  Don’t go it alone.

We all need a mirror at times – someone to help us climb the mountain if we are feeling too tired – and who, frankly, will call us on ‘our stuff’ if our thinking gets wonky. Have an accountability partner who loves private practice and wants nothing but you to feel joyful too.

Even if sometimes your practice feels like too much work for not enough reward, try these strategies in your quest for a more profitable and joyful practice.

If you want more strategies like these- how to create a more joyful practice and more profit too, then please do join me for our flagship conference event- More Income for You.

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