Three Tips to Accelerate your Success in 2015

Be a Wealthy Therapist

We’re just about to begin a new year, always a time of excitement and energy and enthusiasm. So how can you keep that high positive energy going all year long?

Here are three ways:

1.  Relax and have fun. Medically, psychologically, physically and emotionally, stress is the number one source of life’s difficulties. Reacting to them is draining your energy. Easing up allows you to slow down enough to view the world differently. Turn to your family – see how your kids have grown; talk to your partner about simple topics; call the relatives you’ve lost track off; send your Mom flowers. These little things will count a lot into making you view them in a different light. Pretty soon, you’ll remember how important they are in your life. Try and do something for yourself too. Whether it’s getting a revamp in your wardrobe; eating your favorites without worrying about calories; going to a spa; or getting a new book, do whatever you want….just enjoy yourself.  How can you add more relaxation and fun to your plans right now?

2.  Learn something new. Be inspired by learning a new skill. Try to remember something that you’ve been planning for a long time to do but never had the time for it. Did you ever wanted to learn Japanese cooking? Or baking? Run a marathon? Study Spanish? Cross-stitching?  Origami? Wakeboarding? Why not do this in 2015?

3.  Be thankful. Even for a short moment, reflect on what you have positively and don’t think of all that you don’t have.  Good health, wonderful kids and good relationships are some of those things that we take for granted until something happens to them. Right now that you have them, be thankful that you do. You’ll find that a re-focus on the non-material things, especially on relationships, will motivate you to greater heights.

These are my three tips for being energetic and enthusiastic- not just at the start of the new year, but, actually, all year long!

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