Three Hidden Reasons Why Writing Your Website is Difficult

Write your websiteYou may have had big plans to write your website. You have scheduled time to work on it. Maybe you even sat down to work on it. And then you sat there and couldn’t figure out what you wanted to say- or if you wrote something, you wondered if it was any good.

I’ve been there too, as have many of our clients at Be A Wealthy Therapist.

There are three hidden reasons why writing your website is difficult.

Reason #1) You don’t have a picture of your ideal client.

You think you know who you want to work with, but the exact details are fuzzy. When the details are fuzzy, it’s difficult to know what to say. It’s like trying to have a conversation with someone where both your voices are muffled. You can try and try to communicate, but the message just isn’t clear.

Reason #2) You hide behind jargon and credentials.

Remember, clients are working with you because they believe you can help them. How they believe that is when you speak to them, addressing their concerns, and keep away from overloading your website copy with your credentials and overusing technical jargon. Trust me, your client does not care if you offer “two 50 minute individual sessions once a week”. They also don’t care if you’ve studied DBT, CBT, or trauma. What they want to know is if you have helped people like them. So stay away from jargon and listing your credentials.

Reason #3) You miss the human connection.

The biggest factor which encourages a client to call you from your website is, undoubtedly, the rapport and connection you build with them through your website copy. You can test for your level of human connection very easily. Just read your current website (or the copy you have been working on) and ask yourself, “If I was hurting, and in pain, and struggling as my clients do before they seek therapy, would I call me?”

You’ll have an intuitive sense of yes or no. If it’s no, you’re missing the human connection.

Want to learn more strategies for writing your website copy more easily?

Join me for the upcoming website copy in a week class. We start Monday, February 23, and you can register here.

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