Three Circles to Business Success and Life Balance

It is no secret that your life is filled with competing demands. You must work both ON our business and IN your business. In other words, you need to market to get business. You need to serve those clients.

You also have a family and a personal life that loves and needs you.

You chose to work for yourself, in part, so that you had more control of your time and your life. In the words of Dr. Phil, “How is that working out for you?” Are you finding you have time for the life and business you want? For most of us, it is a daily balancing act. I thought I’d share my perspective on how to be more successful at ‘life-business-balance.’


Circle #1 is Your Business Mission.

It is quite easy to think of our business and ourselves as one and the same. It will serve you better if recognize that your business is a separate entity that has a purpose and mission of it own.

Why does your business exist? I am sure part of the mission is to support your life and family. But you could do that working for someone else. Who is your business here to serve? What difference are you wanting to make in the world via your business

Circle #2 Your Business Care

Since your business is a separate entity but under your responsibility, like your child, it needs care and feeding. It needs a strong and compassionate leader to make decisions that are in the best interest of the business. Your business need money to operate. It needs clients. It needs support functions such as accounting.

Sometimes you will need to make decisions that personally don’t feel good but are in the best interests of the business. Just like parenting the child who wants pancakes three times a day, sometimes you have to say no if it is not in the best interest of the child.

For example, Eli had an assistant that he adored but made so many mistakes in scheduling appointments that it was costing him money and his reputation. He had to let her go which was necessary for the good of the business even though it hurt his heart.

 Circle #3 Your Self-Care

If you are the technician in the business – the one who does the work that funds the business, you are an extremely important resource – probably the most important. How are you caring for your most valuable resource? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? Mentally? Socially?

Making time for regular self-care is not only important but necessary if you want to thrive in business.

 The Sweet Spot

Notice the middle of this diagram – the place where all three circles overlap – this is where we find balance. In this ‘sweet spot,’ you are changing the world with your business mission and are fully stocked with the business and personal resources to do it smoothly and well.

The Trouble Spots

The areas where only two circles overlap are places where trouble is brewing.

If you find yourself focused entirely on the the business mission and business care with little regard to self care, the result is burnout and illness.

If you find yourself clear on your business mission but spending your time mostly on self care or not feeding the business, you may find that your business cannot sustain itself over time.

If you find that you are very focused on your business care and self care, and are unclear on the mission and purpose of your business, you may find that you lose your way a bit and you don’t feel as fulfilled as you might.

Take 15 minutes a day – or a week – and look at which circles your time, energy and emotion are invested. Then correct as necessary to find the balance you desire and deserve.

Go for the sweet spot!

To your happiness and success,








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