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Understand and Manage Your Personal and Business Finances in ways that feel good and create true business success.

Therapy Business Finances
8 Module Home Study Training Program


From: Casey Truffo

In 1996, while touring my first private practice office, my dad asked me, “Are you making money at this therapy-thing?”

Okay, my family origin aside, it really was a great question. I knew only two things:

1. People did pay me for sessions.

2. I had bills to pay – some were for start-up expenses and some were ongoing bills.

But what I didn’t know was really the financial health of my practice. I did not know how much money I had to spend or how much profit I was making.

First, I know you care about your clients. A lot. You hold them in your head and your heart – not only during the session – but in your spare time too. You want to help them feel better and get better. Being of service …. being a great clinician is VERY important to you.

And you spend a lot of time thinking about your clients and honing your skills.
You love them and you'd like to earn more.

And no one ever taught you about the financial part of your business. Let’s talk about it. What about the money?

I have to admit that back then I honestly had no idea how much money I needed my business to make. I wasn’t exactly sure on how much money I needed to live. And since I didn’t know that, it really was not easy to set income goals for my business. When my business coach would ask me, “how much money do you want to make?” I had no real basis on how to answer that question. I would just pick a number out of thin air and not really know if it would cover my living expenses and how I would make that income.

It’s not your fault if you don’t know either.

For some time now, I have been teaching therapists worldwide about how to attract more clients and to increase their impact and income. I think the missing piece that we have not been talking about is “how do you know how well your practice is doing?” I think it’s time we put on our big girl pants and big boy trousers and answer that question. Quite honestly, I can just about guarantee you that learning how to assess the financial health of your practice will give you incredible confidence as well as the knowledge of how to manage your business.

And it really isn’t that hard at all.

Introducing Our Home Study Training Program:

Therapy Business Finances:
from private practitioner to profitable therapy business owner

This home study training will show you how to understand your income and financial needs so that you can:

  1. Make a personal budget for your family and household expenses
  2. Know your business income – and be able to prepare for seasonal variations
  3. Have a business budget and expense plan
  4. Have great info on the profitability of your business (plus money saved!)
  5. Plan for those surprise expenses (everything from a computer crash to your annual malpractice bill)
  6. Have your records ready (and money saved) for your taxes!
  7. Increase your sense of powerfulness by knowing the real story of your business
  8. Hold your own in a conversation with your accountant or bookkeeper
  9. Feel quite confident and comfortable charging what you’re worth.

This course includes 8 modules of prerecorded audio sessions for you to listen to as your schedule permits.

In each module we look at our mindset and identify any limiting beliefs that are causing you to feel less than a successful and sustainable therapy business owner. But of course that’s not all.

We will look at practical applications so that at the end of this class you know how to measure the financial health of your business.

You will have the opportunity to view a sample therapist and her business as well as look at your own numbers. You’ll receive templates, checklists, and suggested action assignments.

Here is what we will cover in this home study training:

Therapy Business Finances:
An 8 Module Home Study Training Program

shutterstock_151161884Module #1: Let’s Get Started. Learn How Much Your Business Needs to Earn for you.

In this module, we will start at the beginning. My job is make sure you have a solid framework from which to make your future business decisions. I want to help you feel more confident right from the beginning. You will get to know more about Chloe Clinician (our fictitious therapy business owner). See how we calculate her home and family financial needs. You will have a sample template so you can calculate your life (non-business) expenses. We cover:

  • Why looking at our numbers can be so scary – with suggestions on how to move through the fear
  • Clearing the cobwebs… learn how to set goals and intentions
  • Discover your “monthly number” – how much you want your business make to cover your home and business finances

Module #2: Create Your Joyful Spending Plan for Your Personal Expenses

In this module, you will see how Chloe Clinician (our fictitious therapy business owner) can adjust her spending so that her business actually becomes more profitable. You will have a sample template so you can calculate how much you need for your home and family expenses too. We cover:

  • Should we separate our business and personal finances?If so – why and how?
  • Understand how to set up a personal budget quickly
  • How to find ways to reduce your expenses without feeling deprived
    or unsatisfied

shutterstock_97474436Module #3: Identify How Much Your Business Costs to Be Open.

As you got your graduate degree, you probably weren’t thinking about how to manage your business finances. In this module, we will look to get our arms around all of what it takes to run your business including the irregular expenses that you might pay only once a year such as taxes and insurance. Our new friend, Chloe Clinician (our fictitious therapy business owner) will have her business expenses drawn up in a template for you – so you can see exactly how to gather those numbers.

We cover:

  • How to gain clarity on where you’ve been spending your money.
  • How to create a spending plan (budget) so that you have money in the bank when you need it.
  • The concept that your business has money and you have money and it can be dangerous to mix the two.

Module #4: Comfortably Charge What Your Are Worth.shutterstock_142046839

In this module, we go through how to set, collect and negotiate fees with pride, ease, and confidence. You are worthy of a good wage. In this module, we make sure that you have ease around sticky money issues with clients.
We cover:

  • Where you need to set boundaries and where you can be more relaxed
  • How to find your ‘right price’
  • Policies: no-shows, late cancels, and more
  • How to manage the (sometimes) small voice that worries you aren’t
    ‘worth’ your fee

shutterstock_132478784Module #5: Build Your Business Budget (Income and Savings)

In this module, we will take the business expenses and income that you gathered in Module 3 and build a business spending plan (budget). We will look for any missing items that often get overlooked. We will look at how your spending and saving can match your business goals.
We cover how to:

  • Build a budget that you can use to track the financial health of your business
  • Handle your mindset when things get financially tough
  • Develop a savings plan for your business

shutterstock_116901517Module #6: Have Money for the Good Times and the Lean Times

We know things do now always go as planned. Sometimes things are great and there is lots of extra money. Other times, we can get anxious when the phone rings less often. How do you manage it? In this module, we cover how to:

  • Review and use your business budget (even when you get off track)
  • Find out how much profit your business is producing
  • Set income and profit goals (and track your progress toward those goals.)

shutterstock_138709097Module #7: Increase Your Income with Proven Strategies.

In this module, we look at the three ways to increase your income: (1) Get more clients (2) provide and get paid for more services to the clients you have and (3) leverage your time and energy so you are serving more than one person in a given time period.
We cover:

  • The basics of an effective marketing plan that uses your gifts
  • How to reactivate former clients with love
  • Alternate ways of delivering services (VIP days for example)

shutterstock_146056391Module #8: Prepare and Make Decisions for Your Future Growth.

As we wrap up, we will review your spending plans and mindset and make sure that you have policies and procedures in place that serve you. We will discuss how understanding your income, expenses and profit can help you prepare for the ups and downs of a business.
We cover how to:

  • Plan and move easily with the inevitable ebbs and flows of your income.
  • How to develop resiliency so that you don’t quit before the miracle

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I am sure you have questions….

“Is this training for me?”

This training is for you if:

  • You want to increase your ease and comfort as a business owner
  • You want to answer the question, “How profitable am I?”
  • You recognize that not knowing your income and expenses hurts you as a business owner
  • You would like to move beyond a ‘pay the bills’ mindset to ‘make a good and fair profit’ mindset
  • You are an entrepreneur and realize that when you manage your money, you manage your destiny

Who should NOT attend this training?

  • Clinicians who only want a hobby business and don’t really care if they make a profit
  • Clinicians who know their income, expenses and profit and don’t have any left-over money issues that hold them back
  • Clinicians who believe their services are not valuable
  • Clinicians seeking continuing education credits. (No CE units are available for this program.)

“How much is the ‘Therapy Business Finances” Program?

Make 1 Payment $597 To Get Started Immediately!


“How is the training delivered?”

The 8 module home study training will be available for you to download and listen to immediately and review as your schedule permits.

You can follow along as we look at the finances of our sample therapist, Chloe Clinician. You will also be given a homework assignment for each module to help you understand YOUR numbers and build your financially healthy private practice.

Here is everything you get when you purchase this home study training:

Therapy Business Finances: From Private Practitioner to Profitable Therapy Business Owner

8 Modules to Listen to as Your Schedule Permits

  • Module 1: Get Started. Learn How Much Your Business Needs to Earn for You
  • Module 2: Create Your Joyful Spending Plan for Your Personal Expenses
  • Module 3: Identify How Much Your Business Costs to Be Open
  • Module 4: Comfortably Charge What Your Are Worth
  • Module 5: Build Your Business Budget (Including Income and Savings)
  • Module 6: Increase Your Income with Proven Strategies
  • Module 7: Have Money for the Good Times and the Lean Times
  • Module 8: Plan and Make Decisions for Your Future Growth
  • Templates, Checklists and Homework assignments to simplify your process and keep you on track.


Make 1 Payment $597 To Get Started Immediately!


Do you offer a guarantee or CEUs?

There is no money-back guarantee or refunds offered for this program. I have outlined the topics and content and feel confident that this program will meet your expectations. If you have questions or are wondering if this is the right program for you, then please give us a call at 949.309.2590 ext 0 or send us an email at Support[at]InTLI[dot]com – and please replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with, well, a dot) – and we can look at your options. Sorry, we are unable to offer CEUs for this program.

If not now, when?

How are you going to distinguish yourself from the thousands of therapists in your area?

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Whether or not you decide to join us for this training is certainly up to you. But I want you to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Are you sure your practice is financially viable over the next decade?
  2. Are you able to hold your own in a conversation with your accountant or bookkeeper?
  3. Are your finances set up so that you can enjoy the inevitable lulls in your practice?

I believe that knowing your Therapy Business Finances can help you address all three.

As always, your mission is my success,

I believe in you.


I believe in you.