Therapy Business Essentials

Therapy Business EssentialsAs you have seen, I’m offering a new class – Therapy Business Essentials- starting March 30. I’ve been receiving quite a lot of questions about the program, so I wanted to devote this issue to helping you get clear on whether this class is the right next step for you.

This class will enable you to create the Operations Manual for your therapy business. This is necessary if you want to build a sustainable private practice that lasts. All therapy businesses need an Operations Manual. How to know if you need one right now?

Therapy Business Essentials is right for you if you are tired of being managed by your business, if you’re feeling overworked by all the paperwork, you’re never able to complete everything, you don’t have systems, you’re behind on your billing or your notes or maybe you’re losing money because you’re not able to answer the phone often enough or you don’t have a consistent cancellation policy.

Maybe you think you could convert more people that call you into clients if you had a consistent script to join with them when they first called. Maybe you’re getting calls, but somehow not enough of the people that call you are becoming clients because you don’t have a consistent script where you can join with people and answer their questions about how much you charge or if you take insurance in a way that’s going to make them want to come in a bit more.

Therapy Business Essentials is also for you if you want to learn a little bit more about how to make sure you have money saved for taxes and if you have emergency money set aside for things that can and will go wrong in your business. If those define you, then Therapy Business Essentials is a great class for you.

If these are not your key problems right now, then it’s important to define what your key problems are.

If your phone isn’t ringing enough, and you aren’t getting enough clients, you will want to consider our upcoming Ruby coaching program. I’ll share more about that in a couple of weeks. You can also inquire about individual coaching with one of my team coaches.

If your biggest problem is that you don’t have enough money left over at the end of your month and you’re just not sure where all your money is going and you’d like to really develop a good financial system and basis for your business, then you want to look at Therapy Business Finances.

So let me quickly recap:

Therapy Business Essentials is right if you are tired of being managed by your business, are feeling overworked, don’t have business systems, or are behind in your billing or notes, or if you don’t have a consistent cancellation policy and are losing money.
You can join the Therapy Business Essentials program here:

Individual coaching or our upcoming Ruby program is right for you if your phone isn’t ringing enough and you’re looking for a proven system to getting your phone to ring.

You can apply for individual coaching here:

Or stay tuned, as in 10 days, I’ll be sharing with you how you can join us for our year-long Ruby coaching program.

If you feel like you don’t know where all your business money is going, or want to have better financial management of your practice, you will want to consider our Therapy Business Finances Class, which will be offered within the next month.

The main thing I want you to understand is that we are committed to providing you the support and coaching you need at every stage of your practice growth.

Let me know how we can support you.

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