The Final Two Questions

Be A Wealthy Therapist
So now that you’ve identified “what would be ideally right”, it’s time to move to the final two questions in the appreciative inquiry framework.

Question number 4 is “what’s not quite right yet?” – and this is an important question because it gets you thinking about the places you have to make some changes. By asking it this way, it keeps you from the mindset of “what’s wrong”, and instead, helps you maintain a positive mental approach to those things you’d like to change.

So your assignment next is to make a list of “what’s not quite right yet.”

Go ahead and do that, I’ll wait.

When you’re done with that list, it’s time for the final question, which is, “What resources do I need to make it right?”

And this is the question I want to focus on today. There are lots of resources for you to create your ideal life and business.

One of the things I pride myself on as the CEO of BeAWealthyTherapist is that we are a premier business coaching and mentoring organization for therapists. No other general business consulting or coaching firm understands better than us the unique challenges therapists face- how to gracefully balance the needs of our clients, the business, and ourselves.

This is why, if you find that one of the resources you need is helpful and compassionate coaching and guidance to build your therapy business, I want to highly recommend that you work with one of my elite team of therapist-coaches.

We have three mentoring options to assist you- our Topaz, Ruby, and Emerald programs. We have the right program for you whether you are just starting or your practice is full and you want to leverage your time.

The Topaz program is our new group coaching program for the therapist who wants to attract more clients and build a solid foundation for their practice. It’s a good fit for the self-directed private practitioner, someone who wants to set up their therapy business the right way, and not accidentally leave money on the table.

The Ruby program is for the therapist who has a half-full practice and wants to attract more clients, and who flourishes in a customized 1:1 coaching environment. At the Ruby level, you might want to fill your practice, or if you take insurance, you might want support at transitioning to a cash pay practice.

The Emerald program is for the therapist who has a full practice and is looking to add clinicians, while creating stronger business systems and more time off.

There are more details I’d love to share with you about each of these programs- but I need to know you’re interested!

So if you’d like to benefit from our effective and profit-generating coaching in 2016, please complete your application here:

And someone on our team will be in touch to set up an initial consultation and help you select the program that is right for you.


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