The 5 Steps to Becoming a Happy and Wealthy Therapist

In a recent email and at this year’s More Income for YOU! conference, I unveiled, the 5 core principles to becoming a Happy and Wealthy Therapist.

You can see the diagram here:















These 5 core principles are:

Money, Strategy, Creation, Action, Perspective.

The MONEY step – this relates to: Fees (setting, collecting), Scripts (intake calls script, objections like sliding scale and insurance), Tracking (income, expenses, calls, conversion, average session rate), and a basic idea of your profitability.

The STRATEGY step – who you will serve and what you will do. In this step, we focus on building the empathy map and setting our overall business building strategy.

The CREATION step – create your marketing plan. We recommend starting with a community marketing plan and then adding in your online marketing plan. Your marketing plan is based on your Empathy Map.

The ACTION step – this is where you take action to build your practice. It details what you will do each day or week, and how you will track your efforts and results.

And, finally:

The PERSPECTIVE step – this is the overall container that you operate your business within. It is the place where your mindset, beliefs and persistence reside.

Each of these 5 steps are crucial in the journey towards happy and wealthy therapisthood. As someone with a new private practice, or someone seeking to get off of insurance panels, you will focus more on the money-strategy- and creation steps. If you have a private practice with a strong marketing plan and you are ready to leverage, you will focus more on the action steps and perspective portions of the diagram.

If you implement these 5 steps in sequence, you will find that your therapy business becomes more profitable, more fun, and easier to run.

And who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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