Stay in the kiddie pool or build your practice with the pros?

Building a practice can feel a lot like being thrown into a room with the pros.  What is natural to others about fostering relationships and growing a business might feel like a giant learning curve to you. Hiding from the pros might give you temporary comfort, but it will never help you in the long run.

Be a Wealthy TherapistHave you ever heard the advice that sometimes you have to throw yourself into something scary whether you’re good at it or not?  That facing your fears is a stepping-stone to success? I kept repeating those thoughts to myself the afternoon of my very first improv class.

Improv is a great way to get comfortable with spontaneity and learn to be quick on your feet. Though I had hoped to be surrounding by other floundering beginners, I found that I was in a room full of seasoned performers!

My mental chatter and heart rate were in overdrive, but soon I began to pick up the rhythm of the exercises and jumped right in, flaws and all. Being surrounded by experts, my areas for improvement shifted in focus more clearly than if I had been among others new to the activity.

Just because someone else has a piece of the pie, doesn’t mean there isn’t room at the table for you!  So often therapists get caught up in the idea that they are in competition with everyone, and they set themselves up for a very lonely professional career.

Tackling a goal with other professionals can be the best and quickest route to success for everyone. If you want to know your soft edges, stay in touch with other like-minded clinicians who have similar goals and are at various points of the practice-building spectrum.

What’s great about staying connected with other professionals is that even those with the most experience are still eager to learn and hear from others. When everyone brings their knowledge and talent to the table, everyone benefits.

When you engage with other professionals, you can hold each other accountable to engage in marketing, and share what works and doesn’t work.  Every little success and failure along the way is a data point, and the more data you have, the more confident you can be about building your practice.

For even more data points, you can try out the More Therapy Clients program designed to train you on developing current marketing activities, building accountability, and gaining support for your practice. You don’t have to make the same mistakes that others have made in building a practice and gaining more therapy clients.

Why am I so excited to share what I have learned along the way? Because my mission exists further than the boundaries of my own practice. I want to wipe out poverty among therapists, because every good clinician deserves the means to make a healthy living doing what he or she loves.

Like my improv class, every therapist brings a different level of experience to the field. There’s no reason not to take a step back and pay attention to what has worked for others so you can see your own opportunities for growth.

Where can you start? Take a glance at the resources and products available on the Be a Wealthy Therapist site, and consider where you can start growing.

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