Slow? Fast? Or Both?


One of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “Casey, how long does it take to build a private practice.”

And my reply is, “About 2-7 years.”

2-7 years? – you might be thinking.

Why is that?

Well, I think of it like this…

There are slow ways and fast ways to build your therapy business. Neither is better than the other; and which you choose depends on your own unique skills, talents, and preferences.

“Slow” ways of business building tend to involve the process of building relationships over time. As therapists, you know that the most solid relationships are created from mutual respect and investment over time. It’s the same with your business marketing efforts. You might invest in a few deep referral relationships, which would take time to grow and generate results.

“Fast” ways of business building tend to be about reaching greater numbers of people at one time. You might do large scale speaking engagements, or invest in search engine optimization. While each of these can generate results in a few months; especially if you are targeted and assertive; they are not good choices for every single one of you. Not every therapist has the extroverted energy that speaking to large audiences tends to require; nor does every therapist automatically have an equal chance of attracting clients from the internet.

Growing your therapy business is like a fingerprint- no two businesses are exactly alike.

The goal then, is to learn the strategies of business building (such as through one of our mentoring programs), and then adapt what you learn to suit your personality.

This way, you can go fast, slow…or both, without frustration or overwhelm. That’s a much more sustainable way to build a business.



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