Running in too many directions, but not getting anywhere?

Feeling overwhelmed may be a common occurrence when building a private practice, but it doesn’t mean that you have to feel that way.

And, in fact, I’d say that if you are feeling perpetually overwhelmed, you are spending a lot of energy- unnecessarily- and may even be slowing down your private practice success.

Here’s why:

Therapists, in general, tend to like new strategies, new techniques, and what I call “bright shiny objects.” They read about video marketing and decide to do a video blog. Then they decide to write an ebook. Then they decide to do a virtual teleconference. Then they want to teach an online course. And so on.

The problem is, as we shared in last year’s More Income For You Conference, is that each one of these ideas represents a distinct and new business model.
If you are having trouble getting your private practice to run well, why do you think you’ll be able to run an entirely new business on top of it?

Bright shiny object syndrome is one reason for business overwhelm.

Overwhelm also arises when you have no strategy, and you’re doing what I call “spaghetti marketing”- throwing a lot of things across the wall to see what sticks. And then, finally, the third source of overwhelm comes from spending money in various systems and programs which don’t give you results. The reason for this? Most of the online business building programs are tailored for those who want online businesses- which is not the same as a therapist having a private practice.

Overwhelm comes from doing the wrong things, at the wrong time, in the wrong order. You don’t know what to fix, so you keep doing more of what’s not working. Then you end up running in a lot of directions, but going nowhere fast.

(If this describes how you’re feeling, I’d strongly urge you to take decisive action now and get our help with building your private practice.)

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