Running a Practice vs. Running a Business

Be a Wealthy Therapist

Running a practice is different than running a business. I have been coming to this conclusion for a while, and it was further crystallized as I spent some time reviewing all the progress and success of our mentoring clients in the Ruby and Emerald programs in the past few months.

By its very name, practice sounds like you’re practicing- preparing- getting ready for the race. Running a therapy business is about actually being the race- creating strategy and taking action.

Yet, many therapists treat their therapy practices more like hobbies than businesses. For instance, they:

  • Don’t return phone calls promptly
  • Are behind on their billing
  • Avoid marketing
  • Overspend on unnecessary things
  • Have trouble managing money
  • Want to avoid the business aspects of running their practice
  • And so on.

The thing is, if you want to earn a good income doing the clinical work you love, then you must treat your practice with love- so it can become a business. If you do this work for a hobby or simply personal fulfillment, you can stop reading. This article isn’t for you.
But if you find yourself facing this new year, and feeling hopeless about creating the therapy business you want- I’m speaking to you.

You have to do something different if you want a different outcome.

What could you do differently?

You could:

  • Start returning phone calls within 6 hours
  • Get caught up on your billing, even if you have to hire someone to help you
  • Set up even two consistent marketing actions per week
  • Reduce your spending
  • Learn how to manage your money better

Face your fear about growing your therapy business

Any one of these actions would make a difference. All of them together? Powerful.

Yet, I know that most of us do better with some support and accountability, even when we’re making changes we know we should make.

This is why if you want to move from running a practice to running a business in 2016– I invite you to work with one of my Elite coaching team. They will start with you wherever you are, and help guide you to where you want to be.

Our current mentoring clients report feeling more confident, calmer, and more at ease with the ups and downs of business, while they are attracting more clients and increasing their incomes.

If this sounds like results you’d like to, we’d love to help you achieve them.

Submit an application at

That’s all you need to do next.


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