Just Starting Out?

This is a very exciting time! You probably have a million questions! Here are some resource suggestions for you.

1. More Clients for Me! Free training Course

Please make sure you have our 4 part training course: More Clients for Me! It is free and chock full of great thought provoking questions to get you started on the right foot. This free training will save you hours of frustration later if you start out on the right foot now.

Request your free copy of the training on the sidebar of the home page here »

2. Be A Wealthy Therapist: Finally You Can Make a Living Making a Difference

This book is a quick read with lots of nuggets and coaching questions to get you feeling better about making a good living as a therapist. In the book, I discuss money and marketing and my goal is to get you feeling great about earning a good living. More about Be a Wealthy Therapist Book »

3. How To Build Your Full and Rewarding Private Practice

This 130+ page workbook and additional audio recordings contain step by step instructions of how to build a marketing plan that will attract clients today.

More about the “The Be A Wealthy Therapist Self-Study Course”»

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