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1. Add Clinicians Home Study System

Be a Wealthy Therapist* Are you struggling with more intake calls than you can manage?
* Are you tired of turning potential new clients away because you have no more room in your caseload?
* Do you want to use the reputation that you have built to serve more people in your community?

Then adding clinicians to your practice can give you the business, income and lifestyle you want and deserve.

We have created a SIMPLE, STEP BY STEP process to help you deal with all of these concerns, so you know exactly what to do to add clinicians to your practice so that you can feel confident, prepared and in-charge.


2. Fill Your Practice With Speaking and Referrals Self Study Course

In your community, there are many organizations that are looking for speakers. By offering an easy, low-stress presentation, you have the opportunity to market to a roomful of prospects – all who have the problem that you are addressing in your presentation. How is that for an effective use of your time?

If you don’t know how to get a speaking engagement, it can seem overwhelming. What will you talk about? How much to prepare? These questions will stop many therapists in their tracks. I have found that most private practitioners work too hard and prepare too much for a community presentation. Plus they leave the event wondering if they will ever get an inquiry call from anyone in the audience.

There is an easier way. You do not need to work so hard.


3. How to Offer VIP Services Home Study Course

^0374F5909A2CBE5828713E34D1DEE10F4CA2ADB9C7AAC2175D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrI know you work hard and I bet you would like to earn more income. It would be nice not to have to worry so much about expenses. It would be nice to have extra money for a vacation or for the new car or computer you might soon need.

How do you increase your income?

What if you could change the way you delivered your service in a way that helped the client get to their goal faster…or more simply…or more easily. And that the new way you delivered these services increased your per-hour income? With minimal extra effort.

Learn how to Design, Price, Offer and Deliver VIP Days, Intensives and Concierge Services in ways that feel good and have your clients asking for more.


4. Marketing Bootcamp Home Study Course

MarketingBootcampWant more cash-paying clients? You need a well-rounded marketing plan.

Imagine it is just a few weeks from now. Imagine that on that day, you got up knowing exactly what to do to start building visibility and credibility in your community. How cool would it be to have your marketing tasks laid out for the week – marketing tasks that you chose specifically for your personality and your target market?

For over a dozen years I have been helping therapists to make more money. I can tell you that it is not rocket science; it is actually pretty simple. It takes a plan and working the plan.

Let’s get your marketing plan completed so you can start doing what works to create a thriving therapy business.


5. Write Your Website Copy In Less Than a Week Home Study Course

Have you been postponing working on your website?

Perhaps you have been thinking about it.

*“I’ll get around to it (later).”
* “I am too busy right now.”
* “I am not very technical.”

Those are all fine excuses but here is the reality. If you are not on the web with a client-attractive web presence, you will be overlooked or ignored – even if you were referred by someone you care about. Because most potential clients will research you online before they call.

You definitely need a client-attractive web presence.


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