Practice Tracking Worksheet and Video Tips

If you want to increase your income, you need to know where you are starting. Then you can set goals, take action, and track your results.

But how do you get started?

Watch the 4 minute video below and then download your practice tracking worksheet.

And leave us a comment and let me know what you track (or what you WILL track now)

Get your own tracking sheet here: 

Download as a PDF File Here.

17 Responses to Practice Tracking Worksheet and Video Tips

  1. Fiona says:

    Hi Casey
    Obviously the phone enquiry is one of THE most opportunities to increase your conversion rate. That intake call can be a deal breaker. Would you consider sharing the script that you use to bring potential clients to a place where they feel confidant to go ahead and make an appointment. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated!

  2. HI Casey – this is so helpful and thank you very much. One question: I was wondering if it’s important to track where the inquiries come from so that one can see if one’s marketing efforts are paying off. Yes, I do have people say they found me “online” and they are in such a tizzy sometimes that I don’t press further. So, is it important, and if so, should we add rows to the spreadsheet or will that mess everything up?
    Thanks for all you do!
    Thanks for all you do

    • Casey Truffo and the BAWT Team says:

      Jeffrey – great question and there is no ‘one way’ to track your marketing. Some people might do it on a sheet by person or by marketing effort. If you can get it on this one – great!

  3. Hope says:

    I started doing this a couple of years ago when you mentioned in a teleseminar. I have found it very helpful. One frustrating thing for me is when the conversion rate is low not because I’m having difficulty converting the callers to clients, but rather that the callers have issues out of my expertise, insurance or client age.

    • Casey and the Team says:

      Hope – I understand completely. So when that happens to me, I look at how can I improve my marketing to my ideal client and focus a lot of time on that.

      Hugs and congrats on tracking!!

  4. Casey and the Team says:

    Hi everyone! I think it is an awesome idea to send thank you letters for referrals – so congrats on that… but my bigger recommendation is have a process where you are connecting every day with one referral source and are continually building relationships with them — so that it isn’t just that they hear from you when they refer.
    Also know that many people will not know how they found you – other than ‘online.’ Let that be okay.
    YAY for you all!! xoxox
    Love and blessings,

    • Hi Casey,
      I love your videos and I watch them several times often I get help from my son to interpret them. I would love to suggest captioning that way I can understand better since I can’t hear. PLUS! you will open yourself up to a new market of deaf and hard or hearing therapists’ as well. I look forward to your next video!
      Thank you kindly for all your great tips!
      Colleen Voronel

  5. Keri says:

    Thanks for this important reminder, Casey! Although I assume most people do this – I also ask how they found out about me to track my referral sources. When appropriate, I send a “generic” thank you for referring to me by email, note or phone call to a physician, colleague or friend.- not disclosing the name of the client unless I’ve received permission to do so – or release form for a physician.

  6. Toni says:

    You book was the first one that I read all the way through! I’ve been soaking it up like a sponge. Thank you for the video. I really like how you talk to “me” like we’re friends and that you are really invested in helping! I’m going to start tracking now.

  7. Casey,

    One thing I’m going to add here for myself and my staff is better tracking of who the referrals are coming from. We’re usually good about sending Thank You’s out to them, but sometimes we lose track when we get a lot of referrals over a few weeks. Great download. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks!
    – Kit Hill, Ed.D. LMFT

  8. Kirsten says:

    Up until now I have only been tracking # of sessions per month – I will start using your excel sheet to keep track of the other items – thanks!

  9. Wendy says:

    Hi, Thank you for all the great information you send me, Im just about to open my first counselling business, so I am very excited.
    Cheers Wendy

  10. Beth Rontal says:

    Many thanks for this video. I can now keep better track of my stats. I’ve been using your advice for many years.

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