Practice Management vs. Practice Leadership


When you examine how your therapy business is running, from what perspective are you reviewing your results?

Are you thinking, “well, my clients seem happy, my notes are almost caught up, my billing isn’t too far behind, and oh, I have a networking event this Friday?”

Or are you thinking, “my practice is growing as planned. I’m almost full, so I need to start thinking about how I’ll continue to grow my income after my hours are full. I am going to get some help with my billing so everything is caught up, and I’m going to plan to meet three strong referral sources at the networking event this Friday.”

Do you hear that these approaches are different?

If you had to describe it, what would you say the differences are?

When I read these words, I think about the difference between practice management and practice leadership. Both are necessary, and one isn’t better than the other- but the truth is that most therapists run their therapy businesses by managing them, not leading them.

They focus on the execution of the tasks more than the results the tasks should create. If that sounds like you, don’t worry- we all start there.

It takes a particular kind of internal muscle building to shift from being the manager of your practice to becoming the CEO of your practice.

In a way, it moves you from getting the tasks done, to examining whether the tasks you’re doing are getting you closer to where you want to go.

If you feel that you could be running your practice better than you are- and chances are, you probably could be- I want to strongly urge you to step into ownership of your practice – and to either join me for my upcoming class: How To Make More Income Without Getting One New Client.

Or, if you’d rather work 1:1 with a coach, please explore with me the possibility of individual coaching here:

Your practice can be more profitable, more enjoyable, and you can feel more confident. You just have to decide you want this – and take the next right step to get it.

How to Make More Income Without Getting One New Client

Individual Coaching

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