Let’s Accelerate Your Private Practice Profitability!

Finally, affordable and effective business and marketing training and support to help you get your first 5 to 10 cash-paying, fee-for-service clients!

Dear Therapist Colleague,

Sadly, many therapists will never make it in private practice. They simply do not have the business and marketing skills and habits to create a steady stream of referrals month in and month out. But you CAN become quite successful when you know what to do to gain visibility, credibility and profitability.

But who needs a marketing plan? New clinicians in private practice. Seasoned clinicians who what more clients.

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Let’s Get Those (First) 5 to 10 Cash-Paying (Non-insurance) Clients

I am very excited to announce our newest program:

a six-month ‘Beta’ Mentorship with Casey Truffo
and the Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team

Let’s help you get moving and gain traction toward those private practice goals! Let’s help you to have more confidence, less stress, with this one-of-a-kind training and mentoring program.

Here are my goals for this program:

1. To teach you how to attract the right clients and how to gain visibility, credibility and profitability.

2. To help you stay accountable so you do what you need to do to get that phone ringing!

3. To help you focus and be more productive so that you use your time in the best way.

4. To help you have more fun on the Therapy Business Owner journey with like-minded colleagues.

5. To help you build and flex your Therapy Business Owner muscles so that you can create a more sustainable business that serves you, your clients and helps you to weather the economy.

Take a look at this state of the art program:

Your Blueprint for Private Practice Success!
Your Program Benefits, Curriculum and Goodies

The power of this program is proven content and instruction coupled with support and accountability.

Our success is in our curriculum – which includes the monthly lessons sent directly to you PLUS once-a-month group training and coaching calls. We will cover these topics:

Your Core Business Vision and Foundation. Every therapy business is structured differently. How you envision success for your practice ultimately determines how you structure your policies, schedule and client selection.

Money, Spirit, and the Economy. We know that how you think and feel about money has a direct impact on your earning power. It is easy to get scared when your caseload goes down. Let’s get clearer on what to charge and why you charge it so that you feel confident whenever you set, negotiate or collect fees.

Develop an Outcome Orientation: Know What People Want and What You Offer. People pay for outcomes. Learn how to identify the outcomes that people have when working with you so that you can develop even more client-connecting language in your marketing.

Surround Yourself with KEY influencers and Nurture Personal Connections. You’ve heard the expression “It isn’t what you know, it is who you know.” In this session, I will share how to identify the key influencers already in your life – and how to locate, connect and build relationships with new ones.

Build Your Reputation and Your Practice with Speaking. Many of your colleagues have abandoned their local community market for the internet which means there is a lot of room and desire for local presentations. We will talk about how to get speaking engagements and when and where you should or could use technology for your presentations in order to reach a larger audience – ie. webinars and teleseminars.

Create a Pointed Website. As the internet gets noisier and more therapists are on the web, your website needs to speak even more to your ideal client. In this session we will discuss the use of video, client assessments, personality typing, online schedulers and other tools you can use to engage your web audience. complete with next-action-step worksheets. (You can ask the Be a Wealthy Therapist Coaches for direct feedback on your website during our group calls!)

Take Focused and Consistent Action (with compassionate self-discipline.) A plan without action is a dream. But as you set goals and move into regular action, you develop a rhythm and flow. Things get easier. You find out what you like and what works. Best yet, our Private Practice Accelerator community is here to cheer you on!

Master the Secrets of Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability so that you can work easier, lighter and have more fun.
Where can systems help you? We will explore and suggest techniques and procedures to streamline your processes.

Understand how to Measure Your Success. (Is what you are doing working? If not, we’ll figure out why and help your correct it.)

Celebrate Your Efforts and Results so that you create a long-term, sustainable business for years to come. (Self-care is a priority.)

What do I get with the Private Practice Acceleration mentorship program?

This is truly a multimodal training and coaching program which makes it unlike any other program we know of. You choose the plan that works for you and includes monthly lessons with worksheets, monthly training calls and group coaching, plus the option for additional individual coaching. Here are the details:

1. Two Monthly Training, and Mentoring (Q&A) calls. In these twice monthly, 60 minute group meetings (held over the phone and Internet,) we will cover marketing or business principles with real world examples and our unique take on how you might apply it in your therapy business to attract more clients or run your business easier and more effectively.

Plus at least 30 minutes of question and answer or laser coaching on each call. Got a question? Stuck somewhere? On each monthly call (held over the phone and Internet) we will spend time helping you move through the roadblocks that may be stopping you. The live calls will be held (usually)on two Mondays of the month at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern) (Downloadable mp3 recordings WILL be available for the teaching segments of each call if you are unable to make them live).

Along with Casey Truffo, this is Your Elite Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team

2. Individual Coaching with our team of Elite Be a Wealthy Therapist Coaches. (Optional Plan) We know that some private practitioners would like one-on-one time with their own coach to review their plans, work through stuck spots, get more ideas and provide additional accountability. That is why I am bringing my personal coaching team to you. These coaches have been trained by me and will be joining me in this new beta group to bring you their wisdom, experience, support, along with our proven Be a Wealthy Therapist Curriculum. I cannot tell you how exited I am that we are going to be able to serve you better and more individually. This is really hot!

3. Each month you will be guided to private practice success with a simple lesson sent to your email inbox. Since each one will cover a separate topic, you will be building a success library as you go through the program. These lessons will cover the most important training and action steps you need to cover in order to get your phone ringing.

4. Members-only social networking site. We will have a private social networking site for those who feel just a bit too alone on this journey. Make new friends and share your thoughts with the other Private Practice Accelerator participants in a private online setting.

5. An (optional) online accountability program to stay on target! Most of us could use a little nudging in the accountability department so we will invite you to share you efforts and your results. Let our Be a Wealthy Therapist team (along with your colleagues) share your successes. If you like, you can have automatic email or text reminders sent to you to check with you about the progress of your goals.

6. Four (4) pre-recorded Pro-Therapy mini-videos (1-3 minutes) that you can download and put on your website. These tasteful videos are designed to promote the benefits of therapy and will enhance the beauty of your site. Having a video like this on your website will put you solidly on the leading edge of this “pro-therapy” movement.

7. Preferred rates with some of our favorite partners and vendors. As long as you are a member, you will receive a 20% discount on all Be A Wealthy Therapist products (individual coaching excluded.) There will also be opportunities to get discounts on Ofer Zur’s CEU programs and the Chill Session’s Create Your Own CDs program membership.

But wait! There is more! Get Your Tech Questions Answered!

Twice a month for 90 minutes, our Tech Coach, Clinton Power will be standing by for laser coaching on tech issues.We call these “Tech Coach Office Hours” and you can sign up for 15 minutes of ‘Clinton, help me with this tech problem!‘ coaching. (Note: Office hours scheduling will be on a first come first serve basis.)

And more!
And all Private Practice Accelerator Participants will Get Free Tickets to our
Annual Practice Building Conference September 20-28, 2012

And with Private Practice Accelerator, there is even more!
Here are additional resources to help you be even happier and more profitable!

With this program, you will also receive:

  • A Group Kickoff Call to help you clarify your ‘super powers’ and niche market.
  • “Know Your Numbers” worksheets to help you understand which marketing activities are working best for you so you know what to keep doing and what to let go of. These worksheets will help you determine what type of effort you need to put into your marketing to meet your financial goals.
  • A suggested List of Systems to start implementing immediately so you are prepared for the rush of new clients.
  • ‘Get Clients Through Networking” worksheets to help you keep track of your networking contacts and a schedule to help you know when to make your next contact.

When will this new mentorship program start?

This mentorship group starts in October and will run for six months. All calls (60 minute calls) will be held twice a month on a Monday at 2 pm pacific. There will be downloadable, mp3 recordings of every call. You can choose to listen live or later – via the phone or internet.

Is this Private Practice Accelerator group mentorship program right for you?
This program is for those new to marketing – who really want those first 5 to 10 clients.

Not all programs are right for every person. This program is specifically for those who are new to marketing and are ready to go ‘all in’ and make that private practice dream a reality. Our goal is to help you stay motivated, have complete information, and get the support you need to really have the successful practice you deserve.

If you have been reasonably successful at building your practice (or are looking for new, leveraged ways to use your therapy skills and make more income), then this isn’t the right program for you. But stay tuned because we are working on something very special for you in November!!

But what about the fact that the public doesn’t see therapy as the well-respected profession it once was? What can we do about that?

We change perception a little at a time. And I am committed to that change. I want the public to see therapy as a viable and effective option for emotional and relationships problems. I invite you to help me make with that change.

Each member of this training program will receive 4 pre-recorded 1 to 3 minute “Pro-Therapy” videos that you can download and then place on your website. These videos are my attempt at changing our culture one therapist and one website at a time.

Here is an example: (Press the play button and turn up your speakers.)

The uplifting, positive (and sometimes humorous) messages contained in these videos will endear you to potential new clients.

While we will offer you these 4 videos, you will be responsible for hosting any video you wish to place on your site. Your web person should be able to easily put them on your site for you. (Please note these will be tasteful yet generic videos – they will not be personalized.)

Are CEUs available for the group mentorship program?

I gave a lot of thought to this and decided not to offer CEUs. I am sorry if that is a deal-breaker for you. Here is my reasoning. Strengthening our therapreneur muscles is necessary for the viability and sustainability of our businesses. Our commitment to that goal in my mind needs to be first. This program is not intended for people who are seeking CE credits.

Okay, I know you are wondering how much this will be, right? Okay here it is:

This is a beta group, which means we have never offered a group that included optional individual coaching at such reduced tuition before. So I don’t know what we will do in the future – but for now – for you, here are the registration options.

(Please note this is not a ‘drop-in, monthly group.’ This group is for those ready to commit to six months of ‘going for it’ here in the PPA program.)

Yes Casey! I am in!

Just pick the plan that serves you, your goals and your budget best and then click the register button. As soon as we get your registration, we will be in contact to learn more about you and your goals! We look forward to serving you!

Are you ready to join me in this one-of-a-kind group mentorship (training and coaching) program?

Just choose your option above, click the register button, and we will get you started with our ‘get to know you’ assessment!

Do you have questions?

We want to make sure this is the right fit for you. Please click here to send us an email or press the button below to initiate a call to us.

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I am very excited about this program. We have never offered a group program this comprehensive or affordable before. It is the program I would want if I were building a therapy business today. I hope you will join us.

To your success,
Casey and the team