What does it take to get your phone ringing and make money as a therapist in private practice today?

The answer is in this new 4 minute video.

But here is a little warning – in it I tell the truth and I pretty sure some of you won’t like it.

I invite you to share a comment below about what you are doing to get your phone ringing.

Take care and I cannot wait to share more about our upcoming Marketing Bootcamp with you!

Your success is my mission.

PS Did you see the other videos?

Video #1: The number one question all private practitioners should ask themselves if they want more income and impact. (Watch it here: http://www.beawealthytherapist.net/?p=1139)

Video #2: An overview of how to attract clients online. (Watch it here: http://www.beawealthytherapist.net/?p=1148)

Video #3:

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  1. Whens your next bootcamp?

    • Casey and the Team says:


      Thanks for asking!! We are just about to start a new program called Pathway to Ruby – you can check it out here:


  2. Matina says:

    Hi Casey!
    I am Matina from Greece. I am a psychotherapist and I am about to open my own private practice. I am really excited discovering you. Do you think I could somehow participate in a next Marketing Bootcamp ? I find everything you share really helpful and interesting . Thank you

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