Five Money Personality Types – Free On-Demand Teleclass

Dear Fellow Private Practitioner,

Money is one of the biggest areas therapists struggle with- but one they hardly talk about. As I often say, “Manage your money, and you manage your destiny.”

Yet, most therapists don’t know how to manage their money. They don’t know how much they need to earn, how much their businesses really cost to run, and they don’t know how to price for profit. As a result, they never know how they’re actually doing financially.

Each Money Personality Type has strengths and each also manages money in ways that can result in unexpected difficulties.

I am now offering this powerful 60-minute teleclass on-demand, at no charge!

“5 common Money Personality Types” Teleclass with Casey Truffo

In this call, I cover the five Money Personality Types and look at ways you can better work with your type so you can have and keep more money.

You can access this recorded teleclass by simply filling out the form to the right to register.


To your success,




2 Responses to Five Money Personality Types – Free On-Demand Teleclass

  1. Shelley says:

    looking forward to the call

  2. Nancy says:

    register for class

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