PBC Conference Recordings

Thank you for registering for “From Clinician to Confident CEO”- this year’s practice building conference hosted by me (Casey Truffo) and my company BeAWealthyTherapist.net.

You are now able to purchase recordings for this event, by track.

Every track includes the Future of Private Practice keynote.

Productivity Track $47

This track includes Future of Private Practice keynote, Time and Energy Management for Therapists, Software and Productivity Tools: Is there an app for that?, Are you Accidentally Leaving Money on the Table?, and How to Handle Those Pesky, Old, Limiting Beliefs.

Purchase the Productivity Track Here: http://www.beawealthytherapist.net/pbcproductivitytrack

CEO/Mindset Track $47

This track includes Future of Private Practice keynote, Policies and Procedures for the Therapy Business Owner, Profit and Money Management for the Therapy Business Owner, Leverage Your Business (Beyond Butt-In-Chair Hours), How Great CEOs Make Sound Business Decisions.

Purchase the CEO/Mindset Track Here: http://www.beawealthytherapist.net/pbcceotrack

Marketing Track $47

This includes Future of Private Practice keynote, But how do I get more clients?, How to move from an insurance practice to a fee-for-service practice, How to get people in the community to refer to you, The Client-Engaging Intake Call Script – How to convert callers into clients.

Purchase the Marketing Track Here: http://www.beawealthytherapist.net/pbcmarketingtrack

When you purchase your track, you will be sent a username and password to access the recordings.

Love and Blessings,

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