Practice Building Conference 2015

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Practice Building Conference

The conference is now over …

Our conference this year is now over, but there is another way for us to support you in your Practice Building.

Join me, Casey Truffo, for our flagship event coming this Fall.

This is the premier practice building conference of its kind. We meet for three days in lovely Huntington Beach, CA- October 7, 8, 9.

Get your ticket today and join us for three inspiring days of cutting edge practice growth strategies.

Register at:

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4 Responses to Practice Building Conference 2015

  1. Looking forward to learning from you!

  2. Silvi says:

    Please register me for these calls. Thanks.

  3. Jim Wolfe says:

    Would to know how to get out of the managed care trap. Even when I get word of mouth referrals the new client(s) present their insurance card(s) and I have to take it because I’m on their insurance company’s panel.

    • Casey Truffo and the BAWT Team says:

      Hi Jim! We can certainly talk about how to transition from MC to cash – which primary is about creating and implementing a marketing plan and then titrating off the insurance companies. And in the meantime, you will need to take the insurance card when they present it to you. That is the deal you made with the insurance company. But when you can tract that your marketing is truly bringing in people (even if they are insurance) that are enough to sustain your practice, you will know when it is time to drop off a panel. 🙂

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