Finally, step-by-step business and marketing training and support to help you get your first 5 to 10 cash-paying, fee-for-service clients!

Dear Therapist Colleague,

Sadly, many therapists will never make it in private practice. They simply do not have the business and marketing skills and habits to create a steady stream of referrals month in and month out. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You simply need an effective marketing plan that you implement with consistency and focus.

You CAN become quite successful when you know what to do to gain visibility, credibility and profitability.

Hi, I am Casey Truffo and we have a proven, easy to follow, step-by-step program to help you design and implement a marketing plan.

Pathway to Ruby:

Develop your personal and effective private practice marketing plan

with Casey Truffo and the Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team

Let’s help you get moving and gain traction toward those private practice goals! Let’s help you to have more confidence and less stress with this one-of-a-kind training and mentoring program.

Here are the goals for this program:

1. To teach you how to attract the right clients and how to begin to gain visibility, credibility and profitability.

2. To help you stay accountable so you do what you need to do to get that phone ringing!

3. To help you focus and be more productive so that you use your time in the best way.

4. To help you have more fun on the Therapy Business Owner journey with like-minded colleagues.

5. To help you build and flex your Therapy Business Owner muscles so that you can create a more sustainable business that serves you, your clients and helps you to weather the economy.

At the end of this program, if you participate and do the lessons and exercises, we expect you will have:

  • home-therapist1Clarity on your ideal client – what is in her head and heart and what she will pay for help with
  • Your 4-page website content complete (Home page, About page, Contact page and FAQs page)
  • Your online therapy directory listings set up (Theravive, Psychology Today) – and knowing how to select them
  • An understanding of basic therapy business finances including  how to set, collect and negotiate fees with ease
  • A basic business budgeting process and an understanding of your income, expenses and profit and
  • Fresh ideas on how to maximize your energy and time so you have a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice.

Take a look at what we have for you!

Our success is in our curriculum and approach. The 6-month program consists of three main components:

  • One monthly practice building lesson recorded by me, Casey Truffo on a key area of focus to help you be a more successful Therapy Business Owner
  • One private one to one coaching call with an Elite Be a Wealthy Therapist mentor coach to keep you motivated and on track
  • Two monthly Q&A calls with the Elite Be a Wealthy Therapist Coaches to expand on the lessons and so that you never have a lingering question.

 Your Pathway to Ruby  Syllabus:

180844476Lesson 1: Save Time With A Therapy Business Owner Mindset and Knowing Who Needs Your Services (and what they will pay for!)

  • Create a plan to move past any fear and overwhelm as you begin to build the business you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn how to get into the head and heart of your ideal client with an Empathy Map – and develop the language that they want and need to hear to know that YOU are the therapist they need.

146789416Lesson 2: Craft The First Three Pages of Your Website Text/Copy (Online Marketing Plan Part 1)

  • Take what you learned about your ideal client and write client-attracting home page text (copy) with our easy to follow outline. We will also show you how to write your copy for your About page and Contact page.
  • Avoid the common mistakes that many new to online marketing make with their websites

179242000Lesson 3: Make Your Website a Workhorse Website (Online Marketing Plan Part 2)

  • Create a Frequently Asked Questions page to help your ideal clients reduce any concerns so they pick up the phone and call YOU
  • Learn how to decide which additional website features would be right for you – and not waste time on those that don’t make sense. We will discuss Basic SEO, online calendars, video, blogging, newsletters and ‘pink spoons’ (free gifts on your website)

72541429Lesson 4: Money, Worth, Fees and Profit (Therapy Business Finances – Part 1)

  • Show you the money ! Set, collect, and negotiate fees. Money is a clinical issue and you want to develop policies that feel right to
     you. We will discuss the money mistakes that keep many therapy business owners from having the profit they want.
  • Learn how to track your income and expenses
    so that you make informed decisions when saving, spending and investing your money.

152179507Lesson 5: Your Financial Vision and Plans (Therapy Business Finances – Part 2)

  • Learn to set intentions, plans and set financial goals – how much income do you want to make in your practice?
  • Learn basic business budgeting and tracking so that you can create the business and lifestyle you want.

166668167Lesson 6: There is No Garden Without the Gardener: Time, Energy, and Self-Care Management

  • Learn how to be your most productive with the most ease
  • Foster a “CEO set of routines” that will help you keep energized and avoid burn-out


Bonus Lesson: How to Ethically Keep Clients As Long As They Need to Be in Treatment (So That Everyone Wins.)



Each of these monthly lessons recorded for you by me,  Casey Truffo, will be expanded on and supported by the Q&A calls and your one-to-one coaching session with your BeAWealthyTherapist Elite Mentor Coach.

care-module5The Q&A calls will be held twice a month on Mondays, at 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern. They will be recorded for your convenience. You will be eligible to attend 12 Q&A calls during your program.

Your individual coaching sessions  with your mentor coach will be arranged at a mutually convenient time for you and your coach. Your coach will be assigned based on the best degree of fit between what you need and what the coach can provide. We want you to be happy with your coach!

As you move through this six month program, you’ll be developing the mindset, confidence, and skills to grow your new private practice.

We fully expect that if you commit yourself to the program, do everything we tell you, and take part in the Q&A calls and coaching, you will have everything you need to attract clients and retain them.

Summary: Here is what you get with the Pathway to Ruby program

Here are the details:

1. Two Monthly Training, and Mentoring (Q&A) calls. In these twice monthly, 60 minute group meetings (held over the phone and Internet,) our Elite Be A Wealthy Coach will teach the lesson for the month in greater detail and you can get your questions answered.

The live calls will be held (usually) on two Mondays of the month at 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern (Downloadable mp3 recordings WILL be available for the teaching segments of each call if you are unable to make them live).

2. Individual Coaching with our team of Elite Be a Wealthy Therapist Coaches. We know that growing therapy business owners would like one-on-one time with their own coach to review their plans, work through stuck spots, get more ideas and provide additional accountability. That is why I am bringing my personal coaching team to you. These Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist coaches are successful private practitioners and have been trained by me in our proven curriculum. They will be joining me to bring you their wisdom, experience, and support.

3. Each month you will be guided to private practice success with a simple yet powerfully important lesson sent to your email inbox. It may be a video or recorded powerpoint. Since each one will cover a separate topic, you will be building a success library as you go through the program. These lessons will cover the most important training and action steps you need to cover in order to get your phone ringing.

Our coaching team is ready for YOU!!


jeremieBut wait! There is more! Get Your Tech Questions Answered!

Once a month for 60 minutes, our Tech Coach Jeremie Miller will be standing by via phone or internet for laser coaching on tech issues. We call these “Tech Coach Office Hours” and you can show up and ask for 15 minutes of ‘Help me with this tech problem!‘ coaching.

And more!

All Pathway to Ruby Participants will get free* Tickets to our Annual More Income for YOU! Conference. 


Is the Pathway to Ruby program right for you?

This program is for those new to marketing –
who really want those first 5 to 10 clients.

Not all programs are right for every person. If you don’t have an office yet, then we invite you to get that first.

This program is specifically for those who are new to marketing and are ready to go ‘all in’ with our knowledge and support to make that private practice dream a reality. Our goal is to help you stay motivated, have complete information, and get the support you need to really have the successful practice you deserve.

If you have been reasonably successful at building your practice (or are looking for new, leveraged ways to use your therapy skills and make more income), then this isn’t the right program for you. But we have other programs for more advanced therapy business owners – please reach out and let us share what we have in store for YOU!

Okay, I know you are wondering how much this will be, right? Okay here it is:

The program is a six month program. You will have access to your first lesson upon joining and will be assigned a mentor coach for the entire six months. Your two monthly Q&A calls will rotate amongst the team of BeAWealthyTherapist coaches so you can benefit from their wide range of expertise and experience.

The investment is $397 per month for the duration of the six month program for a total program investment of $2,382. Now think about that for a moment. If an average client spends $1500 with you, just two new clients will pay for this six month coaching program. And my intention is that you learn strong therapy business marketing and management principles that will take you to a full practice over the next few years.

(Please note this is not a ‘drop-in, monthly group.’ This group is for those ready to commit to six months of ‘going for it’ here in the Pathway to Ruby program.)

Are you ready to join us in this one-of-a-kind group mentorship, training and coaching program?

linda We are only accepting participants into this program after a conversation with Be a Wealthy Therapist Strategy Coach Linda. After completing your payment, you will complete the application form, and then set up a time to speak with Coach Linda.

If you’re tired of struggling and wondering how you’ll build your private practice, and, instead, want support, accountability, and structure to build your practice, please set up a call with Coach Linda today.

It might very well be the turning point for your private practice.

Here are your next steps: (please do them in this order)

1. Complete payment here:

2. Fill out the no-obligation application form here.

3After you do so, you will get a link to Coach Linda’s calendar where you can make an appointment for your strategy session with Coach Linda.

Then Coach Linda will learn about you, your goals and together you will decide how to get started.

Do you have questions?

We want to make sure this is the right fit for you. Please click here to send us an email or press the button below to initiate a call to us.

I am very excited about this program and we want to help you get those first 5 clients. I hope you will join us.

To your success,

Casey, Arie, Jeremie, Helen, Stacy, Jenny, Linda and Rachna


* Quick note: All registrants do get a free ticket to our go-to live event for private practitioners – More Income for YOU! In order to activate your ticket, we require a small deposit which will be refunded to you when you check in at the event.