Welcome to the Online Marketing Program!

Thank you so much for registering. Rachna and I are finishing up on a few last details and will be sending more information via email. For now, please be sure to add to your calendar the first class date, Wednesday August 20th at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.

Stay tuned!

Looking forward to sharing this with you!

Many blessings,
Casey and Rachna

6 Responses to Welcome to the Online Marketing Program!

  1. I love both Casey and Rachna and am so excited for this class.

  2. I am excited to get started ! I won’t be able to make the first call, will I be able to access the information covered after?

  3. Hello,
    I am admittedly new to this world so very naïve. However, I just got a nifty new WordPress website up and running, and I am ready to learn. Will I need to have a large body of knowledge about social media to do well in this seminar? I am a bit nervous, as I feel like I am learning a foreign language in some ways. Nonetheless, I am excited for this new venture! Suzanne

  4. Hi, I’m also looking forward to these classes. I’ve been my own marketer for my practice and for couple workshops that I teach with my partner. I’m looking forward to learning how to get more visibility both on the web and in my community. I’ve used iWeb for a number of years for our Tools For Togetherness website, and I’ve just begun creating a website for my practice. I’ve been dragging my heals because I don’t know how to drive traffic to the sites. I’ve looked at the WordPress sites to begin creating from their platform, but my eyes glaze over. I hope my iWeb platform won’t hinder what I can get out of a web presence or this class.

  5. Terry Irick says:

    I am looking forward to this series of classes. Our site has been up and running for a couple of years now. Over the past several months we have made some significant improvements to its content, appearance and functional value (informational video and newsletter). It is not written in word press, rather asp.net. Hopefully that will not be an obsticle with instructional application. I think we are ready for the marketing to step up now. I am taking on the roll of office business manager and process flow, which includes the SEO responsibilities and the web presence responsibilities. I am lacking most in the marketing intelligence (my assessment, not my wifes!)

    We have a page on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/accessing.change.7) Would like some tips on improving that presence as well. We pulse content on it on at least a monthly schedule, sometimes more often.

    We are planning a community outreach event to occur in Sept. We need to be getting the word and registration process out now. So any advise before the seminar on this would be helpful. Anyway, I am looking forward to this.


    • Hi Terry!
      I look forward to working with you in class. Your site being on .asp should be fine. I will be teaching general principles more than specific technical things, in most cases, so as long as you are able to figure out how to make the edits to your site that I suggest, you should be just fine. A few thoughts on your event: I’d start by contacting your key local contacts and letting them know of the event, asking them to save the date. Create fliers and put them around town at appropriate locations. Put postcards or reminders in your office for your patients. That would be a good start in generating buzz.


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