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We are delighted you are here and we welcome you with open arms to our community of success-minded, forward-thinking therapists, coaches and helping professions!

My mission is simple. I want to change the way therapists view their practices. I want them to be paid well for the love, skill, and effort they put into their work. I want them to feel wealthy – wealthy in all areas of their lives. At Be A Wealthy Therapist, we are devoted to accomplishing this mission through trainings, articles, videos and speaking around the world.

So, let me tell you a little about what we have here for you.

First time here?

  1. Please make sure you get your free copy of my practice building training course called, More Clients for YOU! It consists of four one-hour videos and is designed to get you thinking about marketing your practice in a very authentic (and much easier) manner than you might have thought. Sign up for free in the sidebar →
  2. Please join us for our monthly free calls: Wealthy Therapist Village. You see we think it takes a village to grow your therapy business and we are here for you. Join your colleagues as me as we discuss all things private practice once a month. (Recordings provided if you can’t join live.)
  3. You may want to visit the blog and check out our latest videos and articles. Join in the conversation by leaving a comment.
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Looking for more clients?

Ah! That is our sweet spot and where we most love to teach and share information. We have programs and products for all budgets and needs. And if you can’t find what you need, just email us or call us at 949.309.2590

Want to Create Passive Income by Adding Clinicians to Your Practice?

Are you struggling with more intake calls than you can manage?

Are you tired of turning potential new clients away because you have no more room in your caseload?

Do you want to use the reputation that you have built to serve more people in your community?

Then adding clinicians to your practice can give you the business, income and lifestyle you want and deserve. Learn more here.


I wanted to transition from a managed care practice to private pay.

Since working with Casey, I have gone from seeing an average of 18 clients per week to approximately 24 clients per week.

—Sandra Bryson, MFT

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